Friday, February 20, 2009

Bryce Retreat Day 3

Our day started bright and early here at Bryce. I taught a class at 8:30 am on the quilt "Everyday Best" by Piece O Cake designs. This class is a paper piecing class, which can be a little challenging. Fortunately for me, all my students had previous paper piecing experience.

When I originally constructed this quilt, I joined with 5 other girl friends. We shared our polka dot fabrics with each other to make the quilt very scrappy.

So in our class today, we all brought polka dots and shared with each other.

The "plate" part of the quilt is done in arc's.

JoyLyn, who was part of last night's trunk show let me display her "Everyday Best" quilt along with mine.

After lunch "The Sisters" were back with lots of door prizes.

One sister said "I'm so glad you provided money yesterday for me to get my teeth fixed, because I needed glasses next!"

The ladies of Village Dry Goods of Brigham City, Utah did our afternoon trunk show.

The one parameter was that they couldn't show quilts that had been displayed in their store. That really limited things! They said many of their quilts are still "Ladies In Waiting", meaning they are finished but still sitting in a closet waiting to be quilted. The four still came up with many wonderful quilts. They said the goal is now: "Be A Finisher!".

I'll just show you a few.

Each block was from last summer's shop hop.
Ricci taught an all day class. This is a completed block from one of her student's.
I went around and took pictures from some of the afternoon classes. This one was taught by Sherry Boren.
Bonnie Miles taught a pattern she designed called "Tumbling Along".
Tonight I had the most wonderful surprise! Nanette Merrill was getting ready to do a trunk show presentation for the group. Before she started she presented me with one of her potholders that she said she made especially for me! I am so honored! In fact I hardly have words to express how much her gift means to me. Thank you Nanette!
I follow Nanette's blog every day and love everything she makes.
The Sisters were back (minus one) for more trunk show prizes.
So they recruited my girlfriend Judi to help pass out the prizes.

Then on to my favorite part of the evening: Nanette's trunk show. I will only show a few of her quilts. She also had an entire luggage cart full.

Nanette's specialty is working with vintage and Japanese fabrics.

I love the scrappy-ness of Nanette's quilts that feature so many wonderful fabrics.

Nanette designs and sells her own patterns. I just bought this one that shows so many fabrics in little girl dress ups.

Every dress has a specialty button, trim or applique pocket.

This is another Nanette design called "In the Leafy Treetops".

Once she appliques a piece then she adds special embellishments of ric rac, buttons and free form stitching.


Lurline said...

Wonderful - I'm in Disneyland - will put into Favourites and tell everyone all about you when next I post - so expect some visitors!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Ruth said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I love the Everyday Best quilt. I also follow Nannette's blog. I'm so envious of everyone at that special retreat!

Material Mary said...

I'm totally loving your retreat. You have as much fun as you are able!!

Sherri said...

You got some great picturs...still haven't looked to see how well mine turned out! It was nice to meet you! And I love your quilt!

The Ashtons said...

Hi Nedra!
I remember you working on that polka-dot quilt. It turned out soooo cute. I don't know that I ever saw the finished product. Is the Halloween cat quilt a Barb Adams and Alma Allen (Blackbird Designs) quilt? I've never seen it before and I LOVE it!
I also love the dresses quilt. I may have make all three.

Nanette Merrill said...

Ok I'm finally catching up. And Judi is still down south today!? Well the nerve! I can't wait to see what you girls do. Thank you so much for your sweet words. Weren't the Lyman sisters so hilarious. I still chuckle when I think of Janene that first night with the cow see um. She is a hoot. I'm so glad she comes to our quilt group. I hope she is better and comes Tuesday. And tell Judi she needs to hurry home to be at the quilt group tomorrow. I didn't take the Everyday Best because of my paper piecing past. I'd have been your "challenge student". I can do it but it never works out just right for me. This quilt is so wonderful though. Laurel in our group made it and I was simply amazed. The polka dots make it. I'm missing you today. I tried to think of a word to describe your personality and I came up with "gracious". Thank you for being you Nedra.