Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I May Be Slow

Years ago I had a room mate who used a saying I have adopted over the years. When she realized something everyone else seemed to already know she would say "I may be slow, but once it's mine, it's mine forever."
I feel that way all the time.
A few weeks ago I was in a quilting class and one of my friends (she who will remain nameless. Ricci) said "You do realize you have 3 thread cutters on your sewing machine don't you?"
"Huh? You mean my sewing machine that I have used just about every day for the last 10 years?"
"Yes, that machine".

Of course I knew about the thread cutter on the side of my machine. I use that one all the time! Whew!

But where did that little one sneak in that is by my bobbin case? Has it really been there the entire time?

Or this one on the top of my machine. I have pushed that button over to the side at least a million times when I wind bobbins. I could have cut my thread on the end of that one too?
I looked around at the other sewers sitting at the tables nearby. I asked if they all knew they had three cutters on their machines. Every looked at me wide eyed as they nodded yes.
I was even asked by my friend Verny (who happens to work for Bernina) if I went through training when I purchased my machine. Of course I did! But I had 5 children at home and I was lucky on some days just to get my shoes on.
What can I say? I may be a little slow, but this information will be mine forever.
Excuse me, I'm off to cut some thread whether it needs it or not.
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Trisha said...

I am laughing out loud because I have a Bernina too and I had NO idea about the "other two" thread cutters. I wish I could have taken a class but I bought mine used off ebay. I am sure there is a whole lot more about this machine that I don't know about. Thanks for enlightening me, Nedra!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I also have a Bernina and I also didn't know it has 3 thread cutters (giggles) so you are not alone! Happy Sewing ;-)

Abby and Stephanie said...

That's ok, Nedra. There were things I didn't know about my Pfaff until I had to buy a new there was a quilting bar there the whole time!

Material Mary said...

You're not slow, someone just didn't educate you when you bought your machine. I have the same features, however, I only use the one on the side. It to me is the workhorse. The other 2 are for looks mainly because I don't have a need for them.

Ricci said...

What Nedra neglected to tell you is that she also didn't realize she has an instruction book. OK, she knew, but hadn't read it....much. I also got some giggles from this blog. Thanks Nedra for the laughs. I love your blog!!

Sherri said...

I've done the same thing with gadgets on my machine...I've had my machine 12 years and still probably haven't figured everything out!

Dawn said...

Well, I learned something new too!! I have a Bernina and I had no idea about the cutter by the bobbin! So there ya go!!

Browndirtcottage said...

Well...thank you Nedra....I knew
about 2 of them, but not the one
up by the bobbin winder...uh duh!!

Micki said...

I just got a Pfaff 4.0 and I am still learning about all of its features. I don't think that we ever know them all. That was so funny though!

Ruthie said...

This is seriously funny! You are my hero Nedra because I could have lived my whole life and died not ever knowing I had three thread cutters on my Bernina nor ever reading my instruction manual if it hadn't been for you!!!