Monday, December 8, 2008

Freda's Hive Giveaway

Nanette of "Freda's Hive" is having a give- away! Make sure to go over to her blog at
and leave a comment each day this week. Your comment will count as a vote towards some amazing prizes.
Nanette is the lady who inspired me to start blogging. I knew her when I used to attend her quilt group in Alpine before I moved. She is one talented lady. She's a mother of 8, and yet she designs patterns, and creates the most wonderful things. This month one of her quilts is being featured in the Fons and Porter Baby Issue. I love everything she makes and love following her blog every day.

1 comment:

Nanette Merrill said...

Hi Nedra, thanks for the plug. You are a great pal. What sweet things to say. Blushing! You inspire me and I'm so glad you started blogging.