Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dixie Diva December Meeting

Ricci invited everyone in our Dixie Diva friendship group over to her house today. Originally we didn't have a meeting scheduled for December, except for our Christmas party. But we decided we missed each other too much! Ricci was nice enough to fix us a fabulous lunch and we all felt very spoiled and content by the end of the day.

Jan K showed us the new "Superior Threads" bobbins called "Frosted Donuts" that have just been released into the market. Jan does a lot of applique and feels the bobbins provide just the right amount of thread when wanting a large selection of color. Superior Thread's headquarters is located here in St.George and yes, we all consider their product very superior.

Ricci sets the most beautiful table. Every time I enter her house I feel like I want to move in. She makes everything so warm and inviting.

Look at the cute candy cane fabric she placed under the clear plates. Jan K gave us all a gift of handmade lotion that she had put together herself. We'll all be soft and smell really good in no time. What wonderful friends.

Ricci decorates her buffet with the changing seasons. I'm always so impressed with her various ideas to make this space attractive.

Ricci's husband Sam loves trains, so of course they have a train set up that circles around the Christmas tree. Sam has an entire room in their basement where he puts together his model trains. In fact, Sam loves trains so much that his grand kids call him "Grandpa Choo Choo". How cute is that? Would that make Ricci "Grandma Quilt"?, or "Grandma Snip Snip"?

Ricci's mother was a beautiful watercolor artist, and painted this Christmas scene. It helps me understand why Ricci has such a great sense of color, after being raised by an artist. She has childhood memories of walking outside with her mother and hearing her say "Tell me what colors you see?" That would start a lifelong lesson of noticing our environment and all the beautiful colors we are surrounded by each day. Ricci has taught me to pay more attention to "seeing" the world around me.

A little tour of their home. Ricci keeps a white duvet on her bed and changes the pillows and foot runner with the seasons.

This Christmas tray sits on a table at the foot of the bed.

I took pictures of some of the Christmas quilts around the house. I love this Santa table runner.

I've had a few trees that have looked like that.

This quilt makes me feel like I'm looking through some one's window to see the tree inside.

Margaret brought her Christmas bag. This pattern is an original design.

When Ricci went to Houston she got this kit for a wool sunflower pincushion.

Notice the pincushion stand is an old antique bed spring. Where do people come up with these creative ideas? I love it!

Bev worked on binding her latest quilt.

The colors are so bright and cheerful.

Ricci put together 2 aprons that will Christmas presents for family members.

Isn't this great fabric?

Another happy Diva Day.


Anonymous said...

Those aprons are SO CUTE!!!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness the reindeer table runner is so cute. Love the reindeer with socks!

Eileen said...

So many good things to see. My favorites are the tree in the window quilt.. and that water painting!

Browndirtcottage said...

looks like another fun time for you and ricci would get along just fine....i do love a set-up table!!

Nanette Merrill said...

Your group is so talented. Reminds me of the Alpine gals - all amazing quilts. I loved the tree behind the window. What a clever quilt. And the painting from Ricci's mom. So beautiful. I had to click and adore. I can't wait to meet Ricci!