Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Quilts and More Snow

I've only made a few Christmas quilts, but most of them have been made when I was at Daniels Summit during Quilts Etc. quilt retreats. They put 4 fabrics together in a packet, and you make a mystery quilt not knowing before hand what the pattern will look like.

I only bring these quilts out at Christmas time. A fun way to decorate the house.

I loved the how the quilting shows on the back of this quilt. Sometimes the back can be as interesting as the front.
This quilt is cleverly called "Toile A Good Night". Get it? "To All A Good Night". My girlfriend Judi and I saw this in a kit from a local quilt store called "Lazy Daisy Cottage". We loved the Christmas Toile fabric and had fun making this quilt together. Every time I look at it I remember my dear friend Judi.

I named this quilt "Reindeer Parts". This was another quilt from a Daniels Summit retreat. I ended up needing to cut the reindeer fabric in little tiny squares. It made most of the blocks only show parts of their bodies. Normally, anyone using that fabric should have used it for larger squares to really highlight the designs. Now I just think it's funny when I look at it.

We've had more snow here in what used to be sunny St. George. Paul came home from work last night at about 9 pm and decided to make a snow man on our front lawn.

Today school was cancelled because our community doesn't have any equipment to clear the roads. Paul's friends who have lived here all their lives say this is the first time they have ever experienced a day that school was cancelled because of snow.
Las Vegas is the nearest big community. They have closed the airport and cancelled school also. Bizarre.
Many of Paul's friends came over today to play. They first started with a snow ball fight in our backyard.
The pool was the safety zone with many of the snow balls ending up in the water.

Now everyone is back inside playing board games while sipping hot chocolate and eating popcorn. The fireplace is glowing, and everyone is quite happy to have a break from end of the semester studies.


Eileen said...

that is just ridiculous! LOL! A snowball fight by the pool! i bet the fire and hot cocoa are very much welcomed.
Beautiful quilts too. Toile a good night is funny.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Yep, Toile a Goodnight is funny! Beautiful quilt. Love the snow on the cactus. Pools and snow...lots of fun.

Amy Dayton said...

How fun! That is a lot of snow to make a snowman! I wish I were there with you guys to enjoy it.

Karen said...

Your Christmas quilts are beautiful. Espically like the Toile A Good Night and the play on words is great. Stay warm;)

Nanette Merrill said...

Nedra you have the greatest quilts. I love them. The snow in the pool is a hoot.

Cathie in UT said...

Sorry about the snow down there but once in a while I guess it isn't too bad! LOL
Loved the Christmas quilt show and Reindeer Parts is so funny

Trisha said...

Oh my gosh, Nedra! I am so excited. I read this post yesterday and fell in love with your Toile a Good Night quilt. Well I was at the fabric store today and saw a beautiful toile that has the Nativity! Perfect! I am so excited to make my own Toile a Good Night! Thanks for posting about your beautiful quilts!