Monday, December 8, 2008

Easy Potholder Tutorial

A few days ago I told you how I went to a local quilt store "Quilted Works" where they provided some make-it-and-take-its. I made this potholder in less than 10 minutes. I wanted to share a tutorial on these potholders with you because they were so easy. I think they are a great way to use up left over scraps. They would make great neighbor gifts at Christmas time, or match the aprons we all have been making. I'm going to be making some for the various holidays. Think of all the cute holiday themed fabrics out there.
The plaid one below is more masculine because I'm sending it to my son who is now living in Brooklyn and doesn't have much in the way of kitchen items.

You can make these into potholders or trivets depending on the size you prefer. For a potholder cut 5 pieces of fabric at 9 inches. For the trivet, cut 5 pieces of fabric 4 1/2 inches.
1- of background (9"/ or 4 1/2")
2- of color #1 (9"/ or 4 1/2")
2- of color #2 (9"/ or 4 1/2")
1- of batting (9"/ or 4 1/2") * "Insul Bright" batting is recommended to absorb the heat.
Version 1:

Iron the 2 pieces of color #1 and color #2 in half on the diagonal.

Lay the batting down first. Then place the background piece on top, face up.
Place color #1 along the right edge, rough edges to the outside.

Place color #2 along the top edge, stacking as you go.

Place the second piece of color #1 along the left edge.

Place the second piece of color # 2 along the bottom edge, lifting the fabric on the right side up, so the bottom fabric can slide under.
Sew a 1/4' seam all the way around. Clip the edges.
Now reach inside the potholder and twist the inside to the outside.
Use your scissors, or a pointed stick to flatten each corner out from the inside.

Potholder done! See how easy? You can always top stitch if you want. I tried it on this one and didn't like the look as much. I think it was a little too bulky. Maybe if I had used my walking foot I would have liked it more. I think it's fine to leave them as is.

Version 2:
Fold the 4 pieces of Color #1 and Color #2 in half horizontally.
Lay fabric #1 along the top edge.

Stack fabric #2 along the left edge.

The second piece of fabric #1 is placed along the bottom.

And the second piece of fabric #2 is placed along the left edge, lifting up the top piece so it can slide under.

Follow the same finishing instructions.


Eileen said...

How cute and EASY! What a nice little extra to tie on a package. :-)

Live Well With Judi said...

Cute tutorial Nedra. Love this as a VT gift in the future. It would be fun to make them seasonally, i.e. Valentine's, Easter, etc. Hugs

Elizabeth said...

I just may need to make some! Thanks for sharing.