Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yo Yo Quilt

 I've always held a great appreciation
and loved the look of
Yo Yo Quilts
All of those little circles tacked together
really do not seem like a quilt at all.
There is no batting, backing
"sandwich technique"
going on.
From a functional point of view
not much warmth is provided either.
But, for nearly 100 years
Yo Yo Quilts have maintained their popularity.
Women have always liked the concept
of an easy take along project
to keep their hands busy
combined with
a way to use up small pieces of scrap fabric.
 During Denise's home tour
she had a beautiful example of a 
Yo Yo Quilt
hanging in her guest bedroom.
A family heirloom
made years ago by her mother
with the help of her brother.
How wonderful to imagine a young boy
taking interest and spending time 
helping his mother with this project.
 A small quilt block pinned on top 
as part of 
Denise's contribution.
 Yo Yo quilts are so much easier to make in our day.
Clover offers
Quick templates
in several sizes
that makes the circles come together fast and easy.
And they have created several shapes like
and hearts
that take 
Yo Yo Quilts to a whole new level.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

lol - this is one I have no interest in and have never made - I'd rather applique circles I wonder how they made them before Clover came along

Mary said...

That quilt is gorgeous. I love it. You are right, does not give much warmth! I still make my yo yo's the old fashion way. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful quilt.
Happy Holidays