Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Easy As Pie Quilt

 This season is good motivation
to finish up those quilt projects that have been 
sitting around.
Easy As Pie
is now 
and mailed off
to a favorite Sister In Law
for Christmas.
 With the Pie shaped circles,
I can see why the designer used the name Pie in the title,
but it was anything but Easy.
All of those circles were put together with inset seams.
I remember taking a class several years ago
with my girlfriend Judi
to learn how to make this particular pattern
and she aptly re-named it
"Easy As HELL!"
 Even though the technique was challenging 
I enjoyed a feeling of accomplishment
 when the seams miraculously matched up
and the circles didn't end up with a volcano effect :)
Thank heavens for long arm quilters
who can stitch a lot of those bumps down.
This is a good Scrappy pattern,
(I love making scrappy quilts)
and I chose Reproduction type fabrics 
typical in the 1930's
which are a good match for my 
Sister In Law's taste.
I hope she likes it.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it sure is cute

Material Mary said...

Darling quilt Nedra....sometimes the patterns are so deceiving and end up really hard but this one looks fabulous...great job!!!

Ronni said...

Adorable! Clever piecing :)