Saturday, December 7, 2013

Denise's Christmas Quilts

 Silly me.
I went to Denise's Open House
without my camera.
I resorted to taking pictures 
with my phone, 
which just doesn't do justice
to all of the beautiful
Christmas Quilts
displayed through out her home.
But, these will give you a 
little taste 
of some of the
eye candy
we enjoyed on our home tour.
Many of Denise's Christmas quilts
have been made with a 
Log Cabin
This wreath quilt was from a class she took
at 3 Dudes years ago.
 Again, my phone camera and the lighting
did not capture
how wonderful this quilt is up close.
Denise has placed curtain rods down her main hallway
and changes out the quilts
with each new season.
I didn't want to interrupt the tour
to get the pattern names and details
of all of these works, either.
Just enjoy :)
 Christmas quilts in every nook and cranny.
On the backs of chairs...
and even doors.
Tomorrow I will show you 
 Denise's brilliant idea
of how to display quilts on doors.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

a lot of Xmas quilts! I have only one large one on a wall and a few wall hangings

Needled Mom said...

How beautiful!!!! I want a hall like that.