Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jeff Frank and Ray at 3 Dudes Quilt Store

 I've written a few posts recently about
here in the Phoenix area.
Several people have e-mailed me
with questions about the name and asked
"Is the store really run by 3 Dudes?"
The answer is yes!
We are so used to seeing most quilt stores being owned 
and operated by women
it's understandable to be a little surprised 
when we view 3 men
lead together in the industry.
have been in operation since 2009
and have created a wonderful store!
I have been dropping by on Tuesdays lately
with my friend Denise
for their 
Sit and Sew 
and this is a great place to hang out.
5053 E. Elliot Rd, Phoenix Arizona
*1 block west of I-10
 The bright green 
3 Dude Sentinels 
welcome each customer
at the entrance
year round.
And at Christmas
you will find them substituting 
as Santa's Elves.
To learn more about 
classes and all the fun activities
 Three Dudes Quilt Store
make sure to visit their
web site
Jeff is an expert quilter and has won awards with his quilts. He has a natural talent for color, value, focus and design.
Ray is an intermediate quilter and is proud of the fact he has a quilt on permanent display at a local hospital.
Frank is an intermediate quilter who enjoys traditional home style quilts. His quilts are proudly displayed on the walls, tables and beds of family and friends.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

well that is pretty neat, I know of several male quilters and think it is a pitty more do not try it - can't get the husband to even pick up a needle although from time to time he buys me fabric for gifts and goes out of his way to stop at a fabric store for me when we travel.

Jeanne said...

My husband is not a "quilter", but he is our Club's official Seam Ripper! He will gladly sit for hours and pick apart 'mistakes'...he has taken apart whole quilts and just some blocks...he loves it, and says "bring it on"! Also totally supportive and helpful to me in choosing colors, layouts, patterns, etc.

Nat Palaskas said...

Thanks Nedra, I thought 3 dudes is own by men. I'm glad you explain it to us. Good on ya dudes! Hugs Nat

Truffle queen said...

Hi Nedra! Forwarding this to a friend who winters in Mesa - she also knows Melissa Ryther!

Thanks for sharing! Looks like a GREAT shop!