Monday, April 13, 2009

Superior Threads New Titanium Coated Top Stitch Needles

One of the most wonderful things about working at Superior Threads is seeing the new products they bring out to the market.
When Bob first told us about developing a new titanium coated needle for home machines I was excited. Titanium coated needles have been available for long arm and industrial machines for years, and I knew I wanted the same quality of needle for my home sewing and quilting.

By adding a thin coat of titanium layered to the needle, this process extends the life of the needle by 5 to 8 times. For example, if you normally change out your needle about every 8 hours (which is the recommended time) the titanium needle will last 40-60 hours.
Anything that requires less maintenance as I'm sewing sounds good to me.
Plus, in the long run you can save up to 80% in cost because you use less needles.

Here is a chart Superior has offered to help us understand which needle can be used for which project:
Topstitch #80/12 for piecing and for sewing with fine threads.
Topstitch #90/14 for the majority of threads.
Topstitch #100/16 for heavier threads.
How about for metallic threads? Topstitch #90/14. Under a microscope, other brands of Topstitch and Metallic needles are almost identical. There is no need for both styles.

Any of Superior Threads products can be ordered online by going to their web site

If you want to learn more about Superior Threads, and their products, make sure you sign up for Bob's monthly e-mail newsletter. You can find it HERE. Bob's main goal is education and he offers so much information to keep us updated on the tools of the trade.
Plus he tells great jokes that you can share with your family.

Superior Threads also produces a blog, that includes information on new products, existing products, upcoming events, along with some personal insights into their company. The blog is called Mother Superior's Blog and you can find it HERE.


Judi said...

I love the titanium needles. It's great they are now available for small machines, I can't wait to get mine. It was great meeting you at the quilt show Nedra.

Material Mary said...

Thanks for the heads up. Love new things that make our life more simple.

Joanna said...

Those needles look awesome. They would be worth their weight in gold! Perhaps I should spend my certificate on them ;)

Joanna said...

Well I did it - 2 packs of the needles and shipping, and I only had to pay less than 2 bucks out of pocket! Thanks so much:) I'll blog about them when I get them and try them out!!

Hey is Superior Threads at the MQX show here in NH this week? I've seen them there the last 2 years - I might have to make the effort and go - it's only 15 mins away!

Micki said...

I love titanium needles and use them for my embroidery machine. Great post!

Nanette Merrill said...

I'm excited to see Superior Threads, if it works out. That would be fun.

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