Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dixie Diva April Night Meeting

Tonight was our Dixie Diva April Night meeting at Ricci's house. Usually we just bring hand work to our night meetings, and sit and visit.
Tonight, Ricci had a little surprise for us. As we arrived she handed us an Easter basket.

She sent us into her sewing room for an Easter Egg hunt! The goal was to find an egg that had a dime inside. Those who had a dime received a special prize.

There was some pretty intense running and finding. You'd have thought we were all school children again. We don't call ourselves "Diva's" for nothing.

Margaret held her basket in an iron tight grip. We were also hoping for chocolate inside the eggs.

Pat is getting ready to be our featured artist at our Quilt Show on Friday. I'm counting the days: 3! Make sure to come and join us. It's going to be an awsome show!

Even though not everyone had a dime in an egg, Ricci provide a prize for each Diva. Superior Threads has just come out with a new titanium coated top stitch needle. I will be doing a whole blog about this new product, because this is leading edge market stuff. Trust me, you will want to try these new needles in your machine.
Thank you Ricci for our Easter Prize. I love it!

Margaret and Bev are the Chairmen over our upcoming Quilt Show. I am so impressed they still came to our meeting tonight with all they have to do. I know Margaret hasn't slept in several nights. She bought herself this new pink outfit, and made a matching bag out of one of her purse patterns.

We will have a boutique at the quilt show and Margaret made a lot of these little bags that will be for sale.

Bev just finished "Venetian Tiles" made with the X-Block Template. Even as co-chair for the Quilt Show she just keeps producing and producing.

I tried to take a close up of the one block. Notice there is a light middle strip surrounded on each side by a dark. Then it's cut out on an angle with the X-block template.

I loved the outside border.

With the left over scraps, Bev made another small wall hanging.

Bev was Miss Popular tonight. Ricci's dog "Lizzy" who is normally very shy around people, wouldn't leave Bev alone. Lizzy stayed right at Bev's shoulder, and kept sniffing her cheeks and hair. We wondered what perfume Bev was wearing tonight. "Eau De Kibbles"?


Sherri said...

What a great group you have...so creative and so much fun! Did you find any eggs while you were taking pictures?! Looking forward to the show this weekend...it's our county fair here in Logandale as well!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Looks like you Divas had lots of fun. Looking forward to reading about the needles.

Unknown said...

What a fun day!! Why don't we all think of these things. I love the Venetian tiles quilt. But what really caught my eye was Judy Niemeyer's pattern 4th of July, hanging on the wall (and of course in your header). I am just finishing up mine and on Friday and Sat will be taking a class with Judy with one of her latest patterns.

Crazy Creek Quilts said...

This looks like so much fun! :-D

www.potsandpins.com said...

Gosh, where do I begin? I LOVED your blog! An Easter Egg hunt for your quilt group - that's just hilarious!!! I must try that with mine! I think they'll all think I'm nuts - but then, you got away with it! And I loved seeing all the quilts - especially the Venetian Tiles quilt - it's just beautiful! Is there a pattern for that? I loved looking at all the other things you've made too - the "conference" pot holder - darling! Thanks for the great read- I'll be back! xo, Nan

Live Well With Judi said...

Oh, that Ricci is so much fun! I loved reading about all the fun...just a little jealous! I'm also happy to hear the new needles are available...I remember Bob talking about those at our Threadology class. Hugs

Nanette Merrill said...

Ricci is so fun. I love the picture of the quilters dashing about for the eggs. Laughed. I would be right in there with them. You know how excited everyone gets for a giveaway. And it is the hunt! I miss egg hunts. All the fun stuff is lost on the kids! Loved this post. Made me smile. Gotta love those Divas too.

Micki said...

I loved the Easter hunt and the pics. You all seemed to have such fun!