Thursday, April 16, 2009

B as in Birthday

On yesterday's post, daughter #2 left a Happy Birthday comment. Many of you have been asking if yesterday really was my birthday. Yes, the dreaded April 15th, that bad INCOME TAX day is my birthday. I don't take it personally that everyone would rather avoid the day.
For me April 15th has always been a very nice day. Yesterday included.

My morning started out with a birthday kiss on the cheek from my son Paul and a "Happy Birthday Mom" as he headed out the door to school.
As I was cleaning up the kitchen I went to put his Chemistry book in his room and noticed he had cleaned his room and made his bed before leaving for school.
He knows what I like, and I knew immediately that this was part of his present to me.
I especially appreciated his quiet efforts because Paul has been very busy. He works every day after school until 8:30 at night. He then comes home and does his homework, and remains an honor roll student. The last 2 nights he's been up until 1:30 completing homework assignments. So for him to get up a few minutes early to clean his room, when he really could have used the sleep means a lot! In fact, much more to me than any present he could buy.

When I went to Zion Retreat a few months ago, Heather Purcell and Annie Unrein had just gotten back from the quilt show in Houston, and had purchased this wonderful portable table.
It's made by SewEzi, is light weight, rolls on wheels and even comes in a nifty little carrying case.
I've been wanting one ever since to take to retreats. Mr. Cactus and some of my kids surprised me with a table.
Yeah! I love it! Now I just need to go on a retreat!

Ricci contacted Nanette of Freda's Hive (yes that Nanette!) and ordered some of her vintage fabrics. Oh, what shall I make with them?
If any of you were at Bryce, do you remember Cyndy Bodrero, who did the trunk show along with the ladies from Village Dry Goods? She was the one they called "The Pie Nazi". Well, she's written a wonderful cookbook, and I received that as a present from Ricci too. I'm really looking forward to trying out some of Cyndy's recipes.

My friends up North sent presents back with one of their daughters attending school here in Southern Utah.
Last fall I did a girl get away with my friend Judi. We were in an antique store and I saw this milk glass bowl. It reminded me so much of a bowl my mother had as I was growing up. I inherited the bowl when my mother passed away and I treasured it because it reminded me so much of her. When Paul was younger he had a pillow fight with one of his friends and the bowl was accidentally shattered. I too was pretty shattered because I have very few of my mother's things.
Judi remembered that story, purchased this bowl for me and held on to it until my birthday. What a thoughtful gift. I will always remember her and my mother when I look at this bowl.

Judi also sent me this card. I about laughed my socks off. If you only knew this is SO US!!
OK girls, the next time we take a walk together, lets put our hands behind our backs.
When we are together we laugh and laugh.

Another friend remembered that Brad Wilcox is one of my favorite authors. I have taken several religion classes from this wonderful man, and he has taught me so much.
I can hardly wait to read his new book!

I received so many kind phone calls and e-mails from family and friends. It was almost overwhelming.
This world is a wonderful place because of the kindness I feel from so many.
Thank you all for the love you shower my way. I am blessed.


Sherri said...

Happy Birthday a day late!!! And what wonderful gifts! I bought that cookbook up at the retreat and have liked everything I've made so far...three different main dishes...! And those fabrics from Nanette...Wow! Your friend Ricci got it right!

Janet said...

You were spoilt, you must deserve it. Your boy is wonderful isn't he?

Micki said...

Happy Birthday! I have the Sew Ezi, and love it. i am going to a quilt retreat next weekend at the Dunadry Hotel in Belfast, so it is just so convenient.
Love the fabrics!

Carol said...

Glad you had a wonderful day...great gifts...the table is awesome and the milk glass dish story was the best...brought tears to my eyes.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nedra! I think the greatest gifts are your wonderful friends and family. That card is too funny.

Unknown said...

I hope you had a wonerful birthday.

Eileen said...

I do wish you a very happy birthday :-) And I'm glad you had such a nice one full of wonderful treasures.
oh!.. LOVE that sock monkey in the last picture!

Dawn said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Many wonderful gifts!! See you tomorrow!!

Patsy said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

I bought the Sew Ezi several years ago from the lady in CA who has the US Distributorship. I love it and hope you will, too.

Nicole said...

Happy late birthday to you Nedra. My gift to you is I am really going to start finishing that quilt you helped me with. You are an amazing person who deserves all the best. Hope you had a great day!