Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Memories

Eileen of Eileen's Attic, and Nanette of Freda's Hive have been talking. They have been reminiscing about their childhood memories of wearing Easter dresses and bonnets. Each have posted the cutest pictures of themselves as children, and they want us to join them. See Eileen's blog post and sign up.

I knew when I saw their posts I wanted to play too!
I grew up in San Jose, California which is just south of San Francisco. I don't have too many pictures of my childhood, especially ones with me in a dress, but I found a few. My childhood dream was to be a "cowgirl" and live on a ranch with horses. I certainly wasn't interested in playing with dolls, let alone wear a dress.
My favorite preschool toy was a "stick horse".

I'm on the left, at about age 3 with my older sister Robyn.
Notice the skinned knees? Just about every picture of me growing up shows skinned knees.
Maybe that was one reason I didn't like my picture taken.

Age 5 (on the right) with my girlfriend May.
It's really not my mother's fault there are very few pictures of me. When the camera came out for the family photo's, I usually ran and hid.
I can remember sobbing in a corner while she pleaded with me to come and stand with everyone else and smile.
Oh, the drama.
For some reason I thought I was the ugliest kid around and I didn't want a picture to document "me".
My children have teased me about this endlessly because I've taken like a bazillion pictures of them, and I have my camera where ever I go.

Around age 10-11.
My birthday is around Easter time, and one year it was actually on Easter Sunday. As I was growing up my family was not very religious, and Easter Sunday was not necessarily a church day.
But as I moved into adulthood and raised my family, it became a very important day for me to remember the Savior, and His Resurrection.
I still love all the Easter dresses, and look forward to seeing your pictures, and hearing your memories.


Unknown said...

Great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing.

Eileen said...

The one with you in the little pigtails is adorable! Loved the way our mothers cut our bangs.. don't you? I remember my mom putting a piece of tape across my hair in the front, then cutting it off in a "straight" line.. which never turned out straight for me because I have a widow's peak and a cowlick in the front. So mine never laid flat.
Loved your photos.. thanks so much for joining the parade. You were a beautiful child! I'm glad you celebrate Easter now. :-)

Abby and Stephanie said...

These have been so much fun to see. I too always had skinned knees and stubbed toes from always being barefoot in the California sunshine.

Material Mary said...

Nostalgia is so wonderful. It is fun to see old pictures and then recall our childhood.

Nanette Merrill said...

How could you not know you were beautiful? Amazing. Well you are. And the pictures are darling. I picked you out of each one without even knowing which was you. well the last one is a giveaway! ha Sweet pics. Love the skinned knees. I had them too. It came from playing outside!!! Something kids no longer do I think. Thanks for playing. Love the pics.

Live Well With Judi said...

I'm not sure where I'd find a picture of Easter dresses, etc., but I'll check as you and Nanette have inspired me. Lizzie sure looks like you...and you know she's beautiful, so that should tell you something about yourself! Hugs

Sandy said...

What a cutie you were...certainly camera material! The little pigtails are so cute...I didn't have hair until age 2, so I had tiny ones for quite a while. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Anonymous said...

How fun these Easter dresses have been!! Thanks for sharing yours!

Coloradolady said...

Those are great photos. And you were an adorable child. Can you even imagine now why you thought that? Kids are so funny about certain things sometimes! Have a happy Easter weekend.

Ulla said...

The pictures are so sweet! I didn't know the term skinned knees, but I certainly had them every year for the school spring fete! May was so warm we could go out in knee socks and skirts, and naturally I fell, several times!

Lori Holt said...

What fun pictures! I can totally relate to the skinned knee thing-
I was a tomboy and played outside ALL the time. My mom could never get me to come in- I used to climb a tree out back and hide so that I could keep playing.
I joined the Easter dress parade too and it's so fun to see everyones pictures.
Thanks for sharing yours. You really were a cute kid!