Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Star Crazy/ January

I did a post on Saturday about joining The Quilt Show Block of The Month to make "Star Crazy".
I asked if anyone wanted to make this quilt with me. I have been so pleased with the response.

We now have 12 in our group:
1.) Jan K./UT
2.) Jewel/ CA
3.) Jackie K./CT
4.) Rae Ann N./ UT
5.) Kathy C. / OK
6.) Annie/ IL
7.) Kristin/ New England
8.) Merete/ Norway
9.) Sharon/ IL
10.) Karen/ AR
11.) Tracey/ United Kingdom
12.) Nedra/UT
This is going to be fun! We will encourage each other on every month, and have a fun quilt to show (hopefully) a year from now.

Today my friend Jan K. came over and we started on the January block.
To keep track of her fabric selections, Jan gave each color a number.

The instructions say to cut the borders out first. One of the reasons I am so thrilled to be sewing next to Jan is because she is Miss Organized. She had labeled all of the border cuts and and placed them in a zip lock bag.

Star Crazy is designed by Sue Garman. Very clear instructions that offer all the printouts for paper piecing the stars. The instructions say even a beginner can make this quilt. I agree. The paper piecing part is easy, and I really like how accurate the half square triangles turn out.

Jan working away.

The fabrics I will be using.
Both Jan and I have so much fabric in our stash, that we opted to make our quilts out of what we have rather than buy the kit.

Jan is making hers out of batiks.

Today I finished paper piecing the January blocks, and all the half square triangles are now ironed. I will show you the finished blocks once they are completed.
If anyone else wants to join us, feel free to e-mail me/ or leave me a comment and I will include you in our group.


Unknown said...

They look terrific so far!! Glad to hear that we have a dozen participating! Fantastic. Can't wait to see everyone's versions.

kathyg said...

This looks intriguing...can you tell me...are all the centers of the stars paper pieced also? It certainly would make for a very accurate piecing process. Perhaps I shall join you then.
Thanks for your answer.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

oh wow - you guys are way ahead of me, I haven't even started yet. I joined and have my patterns and instructions printed out for what they gave us so far but I decided I am almost out of whites so need to get some more before I get started. Then I need to start looking though scraps to see what I have.

Sequana said...

As I told Nedra, as I considered joining you in this, I thot the fabric from Alex A. looked very familiar. And I realized I had a bundle of it!!....*L*....So I just had to join.

I have quite a bit of Kona Snow to use, and some new Olfa blades on the way - so in a week or so, I'll begin too. I wish I had someone to work with. Where are you Sharon? I'm in Chicago.

Jewel said...

Congrats on getting your HSTs done! I need to get started justhaven't had a chance yet... probably this weekend.

Kelly Grace said...

I'll join you in the BOM - I've almost got January's done!

Kelly in Ohio

bingo~bonnie said...

what a BEAUTIFUL project you have started1! I can't wait to watch it come along in the upcomming year! I love the batiks! Perfect!!!

That is great that several of you are working together on it. ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Sarah Blue said...

I would love to join, but am expecting my fifth baby in April. I've tried to do Block of the month while pregnant before and completely failed. The strips and patterns are still sitting in the ziplock bags, waiting to be pieced together.

I'm really excited to see how your blocks turn out using material from your stash. I always find it interesting to see the same quilt pattern but in different colors/materials. Little things make such big differences when quilting.

Good luck and happy sewing. :)