Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BOM Alert

Last night I did a post about how I've been merrily working away sewing half square triangles for the BOM Star Crazy.

I got up early this morning to start piecing the HST into blocks.

Arrrgh! They didn't match up! I love paper piecing because they make the squares EXACT, even with the bias edges.
So what went wrong?

Here is your first tip when making this quilt: Read and follow ALL the instructions. On page 9 there is a test square. I saw it and didn't pay much attention because I have downloaded HST on my computer before and haven't had a problem.
When I got my trusty ruler out, guess what? The one-inch test pattern did not measure one-inch for me.
***So check your test pattern first before you begin to sew!
All computers download differently.

The pattern needs a lot of 2" and 1 1/2" half square triangles.
Fortunately I have a lot of these I can work with, and I have extra fabric.
Maybe I should have titled this post "Live and Learn".
A little embarrassing since I have taken it upon myself to lead this group! But I want you know, I am learning along with you, and even with this small set back, I'm having fun!
I will share with you my mistakes, and my successes.
In truth, I made this mistake just for you. Really.
*kathyg: you left a message on the comment section saying you want to join us, but you didn't leave an e-mail or a way to reach you. We'd love to have you along! Please send more information.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

thanks for the warning! I have everything printed out but have not read it yet or even looked through it. I have to get a bit of white so waiting to start until I get it. I will go through the print out and check out that page.

Unknown said...

Nedra, Thank you! I am cutting my fabric now and just measured the square. It is accurate here!! Thankk you! And Thangles are wonderful!

Jewel said...

I just got all of my fabrics picked and sorted into bags (I cut the pics of the fabric out and taped them to the bag so I could remember which I chose to go where) I am going to get to work on the sewing as soon as I finish with the home schooling this morning. My 1" is 1"' so I am good to to go.

Sequana said...

Thx for taking it on the chin for us. That's the sign of a good leader. *S*

Thangles are the way to go at my house - I just happen to have a whole bunch in the right size.

The other thing I caught in Sue's copius instructions was the remark about padding up the ironing board even more.

kclily said...

I am starting mine tomorrow. I will measure the pattern. Thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

When I read the instructions on my computer, I noticed the warning. I havent printed it out yet, waiting for my fabrics. Just got an email yesterday telling it was shipped, hope to get it within a week :o)

Unknown said...

Hi again!
I have just measured my '1 inch square', and it lacks 1/16 on 1 inch. I dont know how accurate it should be, do you think I could use the patterns as it is?