Thursday, January 14, 2010

Church Quilt Day/ January

Our little group meets once a month for a few hours over at our church building.
I think we do more yabbering and laughing than quilting, but we sure enjoy being together.

With Valentines Day around the corner, Ramona finished this quilt.

She used pre-cut Charm Packs.

Barbara is working away making rag quilts for all 12 of her grand daughters. That is quite the commitment Barbara!
The pattern is "Bloom'n Rags" by Tenderberry Stitches, designed by Marlene Rasmussen.

Pati did hand work on her Book of Mormon Quilt.
*Maggie Fellow left a comment asking where she can get the pattern for the Book of Mormon quilt, but she didn't give a way to contact her. Remember, I'm always happy to answer your questions, but you have to leave a way for me to reach you!
The Book of Mormon quilt is a BOM from Lazy Daisy Cottage here in St. George, Utah.

Doris loves to knit/crochet, and is making pot holders.
We teased her, and asked why she didn't bring her "Eternal Sweater" that she has been working on forever. We'd like to see her wear that sweater to church! She said she would be happy to if we didn't mind seeing it without sleeves and the sides not attached.

The pot holders looked so fun that everyone stopped what they were doing and had a quick crochet lesson by Lucille.
Lucille is a master knitter and has taught many classes over the years.

The hardest part always seems to be holding your fingers "just right".


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like you have a good quilt group. We had a small group meet at a church once a week but the lady that put it together moved away and slowly the group fell apart - no one seemed to want to take charge anymore - it just wasn't the same without.

maggie fellow said...

Oh - how do you make a book of mormon quilt? Is it a pattern? I think I need one of those. thanks,

Dawn said...

Fun projects! I especially like the rag colors for young girls.

Jana said...

Wish I had at least one quilt club to are so lucky to have so many where you live! We tried a ward quilt group a couple of years ago but it didn't make it. I need to try to talk the ladies into trying again. Seems like when we changed from Homemaking to Enrichment that we quit doing anything.

Material Mary said...

What a fun group of ladies to hang out with. Projects look like fun too.

Lori Holt said...

Looks like a great time.
The rag quilt is adorable! I would love to make one for Sophie. It looks like a fun and fast quilt and a good way to use up some of my stash.
Any idea if there is a pattern?

Rae Ann said...

Oh Nedra...what a fun quilt group! It looks like you all are having a great time. I think it is a blast to get together and swap ideas and just sit back, doing somehting that you all love.

patchwork said...

How wonderful that you meet and then there is exchange of creative pursuits.Lovely!!!

Nanette Merrill said...

Everytime your little ward group gets together I wish I had a group in our ward for this. But it would be just me, Flora and Laura, and we get together anyway. Fun. My ward is too yuppy.