Thursday, May 8, 2014

Handy Caddy

 My girlfriend Denise
gave me a very nice
"quilty" birthday present
that I have found very useful.
 The Handy Caddy
8" X 11" X 5"
is a great storage organizer.
The vinyl pockets allow you to 
see clearly where each little notion is stored.
The Best Part!:
It folds easily and fits just perfectly
inside my Sewing Machine Tote
right next to my machine.
So when I travel to classes
I simply pull out the Caddy
set it next to me
and I'm ready to work.
 Denise added several notions to help get me started.
Pencils, post it notes
little containers
Now I won't have to lean over and borrow her things :)
(as much)
Thank you Denise! 
 I've added in a few items of my own
seam ripper
tape measure
with more items to be added soon.
Denise has a purple Handy Caddy
and as you can see, has already filled it with all kinds 
of useful things.
 The Handy Caddy 
comes in 4 colors.
Denise ordered several on-line from
 They normally are priced around $23
but have a 30% off sale going on right now.
While researching the item
I also found that there is a  slightly larger
Deluxe Handy Caddy available 
14" X 7" X 5"
in turquoise
from HSN found
price $30

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fiberchick said...

What a great product! Thanks for sharing this.