Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Celebrating My Brother's Wedding

 I've been gone this last week
to California
in Celebration of my brother's wedding.
 Jed and Torrie
 This was such a happy occasion!
Our families came together in love and support.
 Both Jed and Torrie were 
suddenly widowed 
while in their early 50's.
Pretty devastating for both.
Now, years later, they have found each other
and have a second chance at love.
We couldn't be more thrilled.
 It's wonderful to see my brother
happy again!
Torrie is loving and kind
and a perfect match.
We are delighted to welcome her as our sister-in-law.
 For the wedding and reception they chose the 
stunning Shadowbrook Restaurant in Capitola
which has been in operation since 1947
Amazing food
The height of ambiance
 A hillside cable car takes you 
down to the restaurant
 river's edge
 The Soquel Creek 
empties into Monterey Bay
and is dotted with waterfront homes.
Last year Mr. Cactus and I paddled a canoe 
 through this beautiful area.
 Weddings are always such a wonderful time to 
bring family together.
Our Step Mother 
who will be
 in a few weeks
was able to attend.
My sister and brother 
have been very lovingly involved in her day to day care 
over the last few years.
 My sister Robyn, and her husband Bruce
and Mr. Cactus
 Jed and Torrie
we wish you years of joy and happiness
and love you!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how sweet - it is nice to see that they found someone to share their life with after loosing the first spouse so suddenly. It is always nice to see a family take care of a step-parent as well. My aunt married at 40 and received 10 stepchildren in the bargain LOL - 5 were still at home when she moved in and now at 85 thought her husband has been gone many years they take care of her with love and it is so nice to see the photos they share of her.

Dolores said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. It looks like a beautiful venue for a wonderful occasion.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and memorable occasion for your family! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Ruth P

Nat Palaskas said...

Congratulations Nedra and family. The couple looks lovely and the cake is gorgeous - Hugs Nat

Amy Dayton said...

The photos show how beautiful it was, although I'm sure even more stunning in person. We are so happy for them!

dream quilt create said...

How nice to all be together for such a happy occasion!