Friday, January 18, 2013

Letters From The Edge Quilt

 I've followed Karen Griska's
for years,
and have been continually fascinated by
the abundance of creativity
in using selvages from fabrics
to make quilts and various projects.
You know those selvage edges that 
people normally throw away 
when cutting out their fabric?
I've even collected and saved 
an entire bin of my own selvages thinking that 
I will make something wonderful with them.
(and there they still sit)
 This explains why during the  
Tucson Quilters Guild show
my eye especially went to 
Letters From The Edge
made and quilted by
Janine Holzman 
Janine combined a traditional 
basket pattern
with selvages!
I love her use of red
to offset and showcase
the markings of each selvage.
 Another great example of 
using what you have 
in the creative process.
 Selvages are a good reminder of quilts we have made
and the wonderful designers 
and companies that offer
new colors and prints
for us to play with.
It feels almost like a
culture within a culture.
 And the back of Janine's quilt is as fun
 as the front.
She wrote:
"The name came to before I figured out how to use
up my collection of selvages.  The machine
quilting is random calligraphy letter
that makes no attempt at spelling."
My bin of selvages will sit for a while longer.
But, ideas are percolating...


em's scrapbag said...

What an awesome quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

That is a VERY cool quilt! I know you'll come up with something wonderful!!