Thursday, January 17, 2013

Laura Wasilowski

 One of the benefits of attending the
Tucson Quilter Guild Quilt Show
was being able to drop in on 
free lectures by National Teachers.
* Bird and Ladybug
I really enjoyed the hilarious 30 minute presentation
So Many Chickens, So Little Time
fiber artist
Laura Wasilowski
 What a fun lady!
Laura provided a delightful power point presentation
of her works
accompanied by song
that had us rolling in the aisles 
with laughter.
 Laura's theme of 
Diary of a Serial Quilter
spoke of
"Where one Chicken quilt will surely lead
to a second, third or fortieth"
yes, this woman is very prolific!
The pun that had me laughing the most was her
visit to the
Tomb of the Unknown Sewer
I never realized that a seamstress
 shared the same spelling
and is synonymous
with an underground conduit for waste material!
I can only tell you that I will
 never look at a manhole the same again!
 Samples of Laura's colorful and creative work
were passed around the room
where we could see up close
 beautiful hand dyed fabrics
and threads.
I'm normally not an art quilter, but after viewing Laura's work,
 I'm ready to run right out and buy her latest book
Fanciful Stitches Colorful Quilts
and play with whimsical fusibles and threads.
If you have a chance to attend one of Laura's presentations,
or to bring her into your guild,
I would highly recommend it!
You can read more about 
Laura Wasilowski
on her web site

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Browndirtcottage said...

Yes, she is MOST TALENTED!!