Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pat's Quilt

I wanted to share with you the beautiful quilt Pat Roche brought for Show and Tell last night at our guild meeting.

This is another one of those stories.
Pat originally found the vintage quilt top on e-Bay.
She doesn't know much about the quilt, except that it probably came from an estate sale in Indiana.
I'm telling you, I think I need to spend more time sitting next to these ladies at my guild and learn the ins and outs of e-Bay.

Pat brings her treasures home, and then machine quilts them.

For this find, she felt it needed lots and lots of quilting.

She really added some fun thread colors.
Notice she used green for the pebble stitching, purple for the stars, red in the red sections, and a neutral for the background fabrics.

Nice job!

When I was a new quilter, I had the privlege of taking a class from
Sue Spargo.
I have never forgotten one of her best pieces of advice:
She said "Every quilt needs a little bit of cheddar".
(except with her beautiful South African accent it came out "ched-dah")
I think of Sue every time I see bits of gold that make the quilt stand out and be noticed.

Thank you Pat for sharing with us.

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