Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday I showed you a picture of Stephanie (Stuph From Steph) working away at her machine next to tiers of fabrics.
What could those possibly be?

No... they are not a layer cake...

...or even a fancy roll of toilet paper.
(although this picture does kind of look like that)

If you look closely you will notice that Steph has cut lots and lots of Chenille into strips, sewn the strips together and then rolled them into circular buns.
Why, you may ask?
I'll give you another hint:
They are going to be cute, because everything Steph makes is very cute!

Let me introduce you to
Oops! Burp Cloths
"Protect yourself in style"
Perfect for those moments when a baby has spit up, drooled, or had a runny nose.

Oops! come in many colors and styles.
There are the girl versions in pink or the boy versions in blue.

Or if you have a wild baby, there jungle prints and even a camo version for the hunting type.

My favorite are the pink frilly ones, embellished with this darling floral trim.
Oops! make wonderful baby shower gifts.

For more information, Oops! can be ordered by e-mailing Stephanie at
or visit her blog


Unknown said...

A fantastic idea! Who ever thought that burp cloths just needed to be functional, now they are pretty too!

Cardygirl said...

They are super cute!

•stephanie• said...

Thanks for the plug! One thing - that's 100% cotton chenille I'm rolling up. It's super absorbent - a fantastic feature for burp cloths! I've found that minkee - although soft and darling - doesn't absorb a darn thing. Fluids roll right off. Now that doesn't paint a very pretty picture, does it?

Janet said...

What a wonderful and creative product. I can imagine the fluff when cutting or sewing the chenille.

Maxine said...

I make some very similar to these, but I have used flannel..Does Steph turn under the edges of her chenille or just top stitch over? I have not used Pompoms...sooooooo cute....

Cindy said...

I made some burps--they were no where near this cute. I'm always amazed at the creativity of others!