Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tutto Sewing Machine Carrier and Accessory Bag

Since showing a picture of my green bag for post 6/21/2010 Bags Are Packed, I have had a lot of e-mails requesting more information.

This is a Tutto Serger / Accessory Bag (14.5X14.25)
(3 Protect-n-store containers post 7/2/10 fit perfectly inside)

The Accessory bag is a companion to my Tutto Sewing Machine Carrier.
These Tutto's are perfect for traveling with your sewing machine and supplies to quilt classes and retreats.
They are light weight, collapsible, stackable and come in 13 colors.
In my opinion, Tutto's are a brilliant design.

The nylon sewing machine carrier is called a "Machine On Wheels", and is easy to maneuver and very sturdy.
I first saw Tutto's at a booth at Quilt Market several years ago. One saleslady was sitting on the large carrier as another held only the handle and moved her companion in and out of small spaces.
Right then and there, my girlfriends and I purchased our Tutto's.
The only challenge: We each had to pick different colors so when we go to retreats together, we don't get our bags mixed up.


Janet said...

Now that's what I call stylish luggage. I love the colour. I'd need a forklift to cart my machine around.

Browndirtcottage said...

Yes....I have seen these bags and they look WONDERFUL....LOL...I was just wondering where I would store this little goody when I wasn't using it????
Come over and tell me what you think of my butterfly quilt I am working on!!! I LOVE yours and Amy's!!!

Marcy said...

These are the best carriers ever!! There is no other ones out there to even compete with these. My girlfriend and I also purchased them at a quilt show. Seen someone sitting on it and we knew we had to get one. That was the best purchase we ever made!! There was no thinking twice about this purchase/product.

Material Mary said...

Wow, you travel in style...love the green. It is my favorite color to wear as well.

Jana said...

I can't believe it! My Tutto is the same exact color! They are great to have, aren't they!

Unknown said...

I have both of those pieces and love them. I use the serger bag to pack all my projects in!!

Beeshebags said...

I just saw these the other day on Kellys blog (IHAN - I Have A Notion) and they look fab....such great colours...no longer just the green! Lovely to see someone posting about them.....and no offence to Kelly, but someone who's not a sales person! It's always a higher recommendation to people if you've got one...and you're not the seller of the product. Hugs Naomi