Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dixie Diva July Night Meeting

Another wonderful night meeting with the Dixie Diva's. It is so therapeutic to be with the ladies and get my "Diva fix". The best of friends, laughter and quilting.
I love my Divas.
Last night we met at Pat Peter's house and it's always a treat because we can walk around and see her latest amazing quilt creations.
Pat is an award winning quilter, and being in her home is like having a personal tour of a wonderful art museum.

The Phoenix is on Pat's bedroom wall.
The first three quilt creations shown are made by Pat from the Cheryl Phillips book Quilts Without Corners Encore.

You can find a link to Amazon HERE.

Windmill Swirl

Woven Basket will be a tree skirt.

Pat has also finished Hearts and Tulips (pattern by Margaret Docherty)
This will be a show stopper for sure.

All hand appliqued and quilted.

Amazon link HERE

Pat also just finished this custom designed quilt for a grandson who loves leopards.

Feathered Sun (design by John Flynn)

Ricci has been working on Feeling Crabby, the latest Texture Magic pattern by Annie Unrein.
Ricci said this was an easy pattern with just two paper pieced blocks.

Verny took a recent workshop from Claudia Clark Meyers. The wall hanging was first quilted, then painted with Fabrico paints.

Jan K. was binding her butterfly made in a recent workshop with Pam Holland.
Pat brought out her "Diva hat" to model for the group. (a recent birthday present from Jan K.)


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

The talent in this group is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Oh Nedra, I just love when you do show and tell from the Divas. They always have such wonderful projects to share.

Rae Ann said...

Tell Pat that I can only dream of being like her. She is a very talented quilter and I loved all of her quilts. All of those Diva Girls seem to be overflowing with talent. What a fun group!

Anonymous said...
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