Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mumbo Gumbo/ 4 Variations

Today I want to show you 4 variations of Mumbo Gumbo, sewn together by a few of the ladies in my Dixie Diva group. I think it's so fun to see the same quilt done in different fabrics. It gives me ideas of the possibilities out there. Plus, since this is such a stash buster, it encourages me to make it again!

Mumbo Gumbo by Pie In The Sky Quilts.
I provide a link to order this pattern directly from Pie In The Sky. See their name highlighted? Just click on that.
When ever you see a name highlighted on a blog, it means there is a link provided. A few of you have e-mailed me with questions. I hope this helps you navigate a little easier from now on as you search for patterns.

Variation #1: by Melissa Ryther.
Melissa made her Mumbo Gumbo almost completely out of Kaffe fabrics. You know how I love Kaffes!

In the original pattern you will notice the designer used scrappy yellow and black for the center blocks. It's not necessary to use black and yellow. You can use any two colors you want. Melissa chose black and then more scrappy Kaffes.

Variation #2 by Bev Lewis

Bev has been on a personal mission this year to use up her stash. I asked her yesterday how many "stash buster" quilts she made this last year, and she was guessing around 8. Mumbo Gumbo is just one of them. Bev chose to use solids, or fabrics that read as a solid, for her quilt.

Bev also quilts her own quilts. Look at the fun design she chose.

Variation #3 by Jan Kalian
Jan makes a lot of quilts out of batiks. She was so happy to have a way to use up her batik scraps in making Mumbo Gumbo. In fact, she cut a lot of batik strips and gave them away to any of the Divas who were interested.

Gives Mumbo Gumbo kind of a tropical look.

Notice Jan used the same black and the same yellow for her center block.
The nice thing about Mumbo Gumbo is everything works.
You don't need to be a bit fussy about this quilt. Use what you have!
One suggestion I do have is to use centers that are solid or read as a solid if you are using busy fabrics in the blocks. You eye needs a place to rest.

Variation #4 by Verny Thompson
Verny makes a lot of Halloween quilts. (That is putting it mildly). Halloween is Verny's favorite holiday and she really decorates!
She even has a "Halloween tree" in her living room. Picture a Christmas tree all decorated in Halloween. And a house that has Halloween decorations on every wall and in every corner.
Needless to say, Verny had a lot of Halloween scrap fabrics.

Some of these fabrics sparkle with glitter, and even glow in the dark.
I don't have a lot of Halloween fabrics, but I love this variation so much I may just beg some scraps off of Verny someday.
I hope this gives you a taste of the many ways you can make Mumbo Gumbo out of your scraps.
Thanks Dixie Divas for letting me borrow your quilts every time I teach a Mumbo Gumbo class!


Lurline said...

All ver grand, thanks, Nedra ... I am smitten and can't go past the Kaffe's!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Suzanne said...

Such cute variations. Love the halloween one!

Material Mary said...

I love the different combinations used in the mumbojumbo quilt.

Kim Brackett said...

That was fun! I enjoyed seeing all the variations. Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

I love that pattern, it looks like a lot of piecing but hey, what a great stash buster. They all look a little different but equally wonderful. I love that you could use anything.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you about seeing a particular quilt design done in many different color ways. Every single one of these I love! But I am partial to the Kaffe quilt. However, I have to say I am really drawn to the Halloween one as well. Thank you for sharing them!

Cindy said...

Fun, fun, fun! Are they difficult to make Nedra??

Nanette Merrill said...

It always amazes me how fabric transforms design. Almost to the point of not recognizing the pattern sometimes when it is done completely differently with other colors and fabric. I think that is the main thing quilters love. We can take any pattern and make it our own.