Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let The Festivities Begin

Lori (Bee In My Bonnet) and Rae Ann (Cutie Pinwheel) have arrived. This morning Nanette (Freda's Hive) will join us.
A few months ago when we were all together for lunch in Northern Utah, and the snow was falling, we decided to meet at my house in St. George for a spring retreat. This is the perfect time of year to come to St. George and soak up that wonderful sunshine of Southern Utah.
Let the festivities begin!

We've got our machines all set up and ready. Lori is so organized. All her pieces for each quilt are cut and ready in stacked containers.
Even her sewing box is cute.

Lori brought me a most generous gift: Her latest pattern "Family Reunion" has just been released. Thank you so much!
Lori's work is amazing. I am going to ask for an applique lesson while she is here.

Last night Lori shared with us some family stories and how she learned to quilt.
Family Reunion is just a small portion of the many traditions she was raised with.

Rae Ann is working on her next Schnibbles quilt.

And is just as organized with projects all ready in containers.

I started Sunny Days by Geoff's Mom Patterns when I was up at Rae Ann's cabin. We didn't plan this, but all 3 of us will be working on this quilt during our time together.
We have some fun things planned for our time with each other in the next few days. I will be sure and take a lot of pictures and share the happenings.
What an honor to have so much talent all combined in one room.


Jewel said...

Ooohh I am jealous all of that great girly fun time. I will just pretend I am there and get some sewing done.

Sherri said...'re all sewing right now, I bet! Love Lori's Fig Tree basket block I spy there...see you all tomorrow!

Dawn said...

I can't wait!!! See you guys tomorrow!

Rae Ann said...

HaPpy BiRthDay to you, HappY BirTHdaY to you, HaPPy BIrtHdAy Dear NEDRA!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day sewing with you BF'sF!

I am so in LOVE with being in St. George and spending time with you and learning from all of the wonderful gals, especially on your B-day. I am so thankful to be a part!

amy smart said...

so fun! I recognized Lori's sewing box as soon as I saw that first picture. :)

And Happy Birthday, Nedra!!

Material Mary said...

I'm loving your blocks. This is the absolutely cutest quilt. Great job!!

Micki said...

Have fun with your projects, and your blocks are looking so pretty!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Happy Birthday, what a wonderful way to celebrate!!

Mel said...

What FUN!! Oh to be a fly on the wall . . .!

Love the Sun quilt blocks!!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Oh I wish I was with you all too! Happy Birthday from Australia, have an awesome time Nedra xo

Janet said...

What fun to have so much creativity in one room, if I came over, could I catch some, that would be neat. I love, love the Sunny Days pattern.

Janet said...

Oh and Happy birthday to you!