Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hiking to the Petroglyphs

After hours of playing games, watching movies and eating too much holiday food, we felt we needed a little exercise.
With all of the family in town, some had not seen the Anasazi petroglyphs near our house and we felt it was a hike even the small grandchildren would enjoy.

Everyone got to come except for Amy, who stayed home to take care of the new baby.

Ricci's family is also in town, so we joined our two families together for the hike.
With our busy schedules I often feel I don't get enough 'Ricci time', so it was fun to be able to find a common activity.

Ricci and my brother Jed.

Noah, Dano, and Mr. Cactus
The hike up to the petroglyphs takes about a half an hour.

There are hundreds of petroglyphs along the mountain's edge overlooking the Santa Clara River. When we arrived, a guide from the Red Mountain Spa was there with his group. He explained some of the personal research he had done on the meanings behind the signs.

The rocks can be a little dangerous for an (almost) 2 year old. Dano did a great job making sure Noah was safe.

This has been a wonderful holiday because all 5 of my children joined us this year.
Aubrey drove in from Phoenix.

Scott flew in from Brooklyn, New York and brought his girlfriend Jenny.

Elizabeth just took her last final at the University of Utah and is now a college graduate.
Yeah Elizabeth!

My brother Jed came in from California.
Being with family has made the best Christmas ever.


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

How wonderful for you to be surrounded by family! Looks like a very fun walk too. ;-)

Carol said...

How wonderful that you had everyone home!

Sherri said...

I think it's great that all of your children were able to be home...and how fun that you had an expert to talk to your group about the petroglyphs! I'd love to take that hike one day!

Dawn said...

How exciting you had your family home for the holidays! Great times are when families can spend time together. We will chat soon. I found someone who still has juice left.

Unknown said...

What a great hike! We love to do hikes like that. When we go into Phoenix we do lots of them, so many places to go. Around where I live there are many places too, but right now everything is snow covered and it might not be so wise to hike. How nice it is that you had the whole family there to participate. What a fun day!

Micki said...

What a wonderful hike and family outing!
Enjoy your holiday further!