Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Family Christmas Stockings

Since getting back in town Sunday night, life has been a little hectic.
I'm just now getting out the Christmas decorations.

In fact, today's big accomplishment has been to put the stockings on the mantel.

Years ago I used to love to cross stitch. It was my therapy before I began to quilt.

I am especially happy to get out the stockings this year because all 5 of my children will be joining us here in St. George. They will be coming in from New York, Arizona and Northern Utah.

We have a lot of happy memories surrounding these stockings.
As the kids were growing up the stockings were filled every Christmas with oranges, nuts and candy.

Santa placed their stockings by the unwrapped presents that were just from him.
The other wrapped presents under the tree were exchanged between family members.

Our children all slept in the family room in the basement each Christmas Eve. Well, actually they didn't sleep much. They usually played games together and stayed up most of the night talking.

Even though they are all in adulthood, I heard them making plans while they talked to each other on the phone recently. They can hardly wait to be together, to play games late into the night, and to talk.
I'm wondering if I'm still going to have to ask them to quiet down so Santa can come.


SewCalGal said...

What a wonderful Christmas tradition. Such beautiful stockings. Thank you so much for sharing. Inspirational.

I hope you'll check out my Virtual Christmas Quilt Show and enter your beautiful items....I do think they are wonderful and need to be shared! But, if you do, please check out the rules and be sure to follow if you want to win a prize (and to clarify, your stockings qualify per my invite).


Jana said...

The stockings are beautiful! So much detail on each of them! Wow!

I still have one married child that loves to get up really early on Christmas morning when everyone is together and then wakes up everyone else. The excitement is still real, even as they grow older! Have a wonderful Christmas with all your children!

Dawn said...

How exciting to have all you children for Christmas this year. The stockings are stunning!

Sherri said...

Your stockings are absolutely beautiful...I too, used to cross stitch before quilting (nowhere near like you, however) I know how much time is invested in each one of those stockings! Hope you can enjoy these next weeks before Christmas!

Lori Holt said...

Your stockings are gorgeous!
I used to crosstitch a ton too. Your Christmas sounds exactly like mine growing up and now the same for my family...and yes, I'm sure you will have to quiet down your kids...after all, it's a tradition!

Janet said...

WOW, wow, the stockings are amazing. I remember seeing a lot of those stitched up in a wool shop one day and they are very beautiful. Your family sounds like mine, always games when we get together.

Unknown said...

Nedra, What beautiful stockings! You really did do a wonderful job on each and every one. I just love that tradition that your kids have. It sounds like the really enjoyed it as children and look forward to it as adults too!! What a wonderful time you all will have.

Karen said...

I am so jealous.........the stocking on the left has been a work in progress for me since it was published in Cross Stitch and Country Craft. I started it for my son, who is now 24 and still have quite a ways to go. By the time I finish, there might be a grandchild who gets it instead. Looking at your closeup, I am further reminded how using 3 or 4 strands of floss would have made my stocking look even better than the 2 strands I am using. Makes me want to chuck the whole project after 20 years. Hey, it's almost an antique!!!!!!!!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I also use to cross stitch, your stocking are beautiful. you are going to have such a wonderful holiday with your home all filled with love and fun! Our girls do the same thing, they all stay up and watch White Christmas, you know "sisters"!!

Browndirtcottage said...

Well it's about time you decided to
come home....welcome back!!!

Your stocking are just gorgeous!!!

Rita said...

Your stockings are absolutely beautiful! Isn't funny how so many quilters started out with cross stitch? I still enjoy a cross stitch project once in awhile.

Micki said...

Your stockings are just so special! I love the detail and colours!

Live Well With Judi said...

I didn't know you were going to get ALL of your children. That makes me so happy for you. I can't wait to get updated on each one. You have always done such beautiful work and those stockings are a treasure. They'll be around for your Greatgranbabies. Hugs.

amy smart said...

What incredible stockings, Nedra! I used to be a cross-stitcher too, and now that I don't do it, I'm more impressed than ever because that kind of work takes time!

Di~ said...

Nedra, I have my hangers and am ready to try the covers, can I be a bum and ask you for the pattern information? I'd love to make some. I should get out my texture magic for these too!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! What beautiful stockings. They must have taken you forever.