Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dixie Diva November Night Meeting

Last night was our November Night Meeting with the Dixie Diva's.
This month we met at Jan J's house. We were quite honored to be at Jan's because a few days ago her home was featured in The St. George Magazine. We had to tease her that she and her husband Jerry are now celebrities. (Would you believe someone has already approached Jan and asked her to autograph a copy of the magazine?)

We Diva's love to chatter. In fact, we have a hard time letting others have a turn to talk. Margaret decorated up a wooden spoon. Who ever is holding the spoon has the right to speak and the rest of us are TO LISTEN.
(sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't)

There was so much Show and Tell this month. We have been busy!
This is Jan K. hiding behind her newly made table throw.

Jan K. also made this batik quilt "Shake It Up".

A few months ago I showed you my "Changing Lanes" out of this same fabric line. I was a copy-cat. Jan got this fabric and pattern at the Long Beach Show, and I followed her around and bought the same thing.
What can I say? Jan has good taste!

Pat made "Bow Tucks Tote" with Texture Magic on the bottom and on the pocket.

She also used a decorative thread for the stitching of TM.
Pat is famous for her applique, but sometimes she likes to piece a quilt.
This is "Indian Peak" made with Southwest fabrics.

You lookin' at me?
Jan and Jerry have two darling little kittens who love to be in the middle of everything. They both kept trying to sit on the quilts we brought out for Show and Tell.

Pat's latest applique project is "Hearts and Tulips".

This is just the middle part of the quilt. We think Pat is making another show stopper.

Verny finished her Mumbo Gumbo.
This one is done all in Halloween fabric, which is so Verny. She loves anything Halloween.

Seeing this makes me want to do another Mumbo Gumbo all in Halloween fabric too.

Margaret had purchased a throw at a local Craft Fair for only $25.

All of the work was hand woven with yarns.

Another Christmas project finished by Margaret.

Yellow Brick Road made by Margaret.

We have all been drawn to making Red, Black and White quilts this last year.
This one is also by Margaret.

Jan J. has been making Christmas ornaments with her embroidery machine.

Jan J. also used her embroidery machine to make individual mouse pads for some of her grandchildren.

Bev's latest quilt: Arizona Trail.

Custom quilted by Julie Stauffer, a local long arm quilter.

As we visit, many of us bring hand work. Jan K. was working with wool applique, and had the best tip she shared with us:

She staples her wool pieces down to hold them in place. Once she has completed the button hole stitch, she pops the staples out with a staple remover. Great idea!
Thanks Diva's for another fun evening!


Kim Walus said...

What an inspiring night of quilting. It looks like you all had a great night together.

Suzanne said...

My goodness, you ladies really are busy. It was so fun to look at all the different creations. Each one so different and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Rita said...

Oh my goodness! Pat's Hearts and Tulips is absolutely stunning! What a great show and tell. You have a lot of talent in that group.

Gayle said...

GREAT tip on stapling the wool while appliqueing. I'll have to give that a try! It would be great for penny rugs!

Material Mary said...

Love the quilt show and especially loved the tip for working with wool applique.

Live Well With Judi said...

I'm crazy about the fabric line that Margaret used for her black, white and red quilt. So darling. Looks like such a fun meeting.

Marlene said...

Thanks for a quilt show. The Diva's work is absolutely stunning. Looks like you had a great night.

Nanette Merrill said...

I missed our group meeting last month. It was Laurie's birthday. So it was fun to see what your group was up to.

MAM said...

Nedra....You do such a great job with the blog...It's fun to see ourselves in living color! Hugs, Margaret