Monday, November 16, 2009

Design Wall Idea

My good friend Ricci has the most wonderful design walls in her studio at home. She and her husband Sam put them up when they built her sewing room several years ago.
They are so well done, that as an employee of Superior Threads, Ricci was asked to build the design walls for the new School of Threadology.
If you are looking for a great idea, make sure to go over to Mother Superior's Blog and read how Ricci and Sam made the Design Walls. After reading the post, I felt like this was a project even I could do!
In fact, I've told Mr. Cactus this would be a great Christmas present.

School of Threadology Design Wall
Because they are 1" thick, you can pin right into them.


Rae Ann said...

Thanks for sharing the great design wall. We were just talking about what kind to put up and you have helped us to decide!

Material Mary said...

What a fabulous idea. Design walls are a wonderful thing. One day I might make one.

Gayle said...

Nedra - There are SO many good ideas for design walls out there - this is definitely one of them. However, I don't understand why people use expensive cotton batting to cover them, when a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth does such a great job - and the price is so much better! Maybe I'm just too cheapskate to do it their way! LOL