Friday, March 27, 2009

Marcia and Jan

One of the wonderful things about St. George in the spring is that so many of our friends from Northern Utah love to come south for a visit. They are tired of the snow, and seek the warmth and sunshine that Southern Utah has to offer.
This weekend my friends Marcia and Jan are in town. I like to kid them that they sound like the Brady Bunch. Remember sisters Marcia and Jan? "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" as Jan Brady used to whine.

We did some site seeing around town.

Marcia and I hiked the desert reserve behind my house. The trail head entrance is down the street from us, and has a sharp incline at the beginning of the hike. We stood on a rock ledge that overlooks my neighborhood below and has a vista of part of the St. George valley.

When I lived in Draper, Marcia and I used to hike the mountain behind her home every morning. Today's hike brought back so many memories of those early mornings together as we would talk and walk, and solve the problems of the world.
Marcia is the one who taught me to really look at nature as we hiked. She would point out every little flower and tree and knew the names of most of them.

Spring is the most beautiful time in the desert. The cactus are just about ready to blossom. I think in a few days they will be completely out. I'm trying to learn more of the names of the desert plants.

It's a lot of fun to take people on hikes in the reserve. The red rocks contrast so sharply against the blue, blue sky. The formation behind Marcia is "Castle Rock", and also the name of our subdivision.
Our weather is perfect right now, and I'm grateful to have time to renew precious friendships.


Micki said...

Your hikes looked like they were so much fun! Joe and I do that every day and wouldn't miss a day. Here, it is still winter in Ireland.

Jenn Baker said...

I was really touched by this post! I really wish I had friends to hike with and talk...I've had the opportunity to do that a few times and it can be so refreshing - God bless you!