Friday, March 6, 2009

Humility Glasses

Do you wear glasses? And do you like to do up-close hand work? If so, you have now become a candidate for a very prestigious group. Yes, you now are eligible to wear "humility glasses". What does this elite group do? We wear our regular glasses by day, and then add another pair on top when we need even more magnification. True, we must suffer the laughter and teasing of a younger generation (or your older friends) that just don't understand. We can handle it! Because we are humble. (and modest too!)

My good friends Patsy and Louise arrived in town today. We are getting together to work on some projects at my house for the next two days.

Patsy and Louise
We were supposed to work most of the day today making an appliqued wool pillow. Instead we spent most of the day shopping. Oh well, someone has to keep the economy going.
First we made a trip over to Superior Threads and loaded up on lots of wonderful threads and Superior products. I will show you some of the new products that have come out on the market in the next few posts. Patsy and Louise appreciated the individual attention Heather gave them as we visited Superior today. I sure love working there, by the way.
We also dropped by a few quilt stores before heading home.

Did I mention we did a lot of talking? And more talking? And then some eating. What did they come into town to learn? Oh yes, how to applique on wool.
Later we began cutting out the shapes for the pillows. This is Ricci's pillow done in browns and oranges.

Louise is making hers out of green, maroon and creams.

Patsy will make hers out of blues.
Hopefully we'll make a little more progress on our projects tomorrow. Ricci is going to teach us how to make a pin cushion with needle felting.


Cathie in UT said...

So glad I am not the only one who resorts to this trick! LOL
I did buy a new light gadget for my sewing machine but not the wonderful one that has an attachment that allows you to move it from machine to day as it is a bit pricey but I can see better now! LOL

Micki said...

I don't quite do this trick of magnification, but I do have strong reading glasses...I just got new ones, as my sight is going fast. One of the wonderful things we have to look forward to when we are growing a wee older.

Carol said...

What a great idea...I'm going to have to give that a try. This getting old thing...

Material Mary said...

You are having way tooooo much fun. Good for you. Have a great weekend with your friends. The pillows are gorgeous.