Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gotta Go Mom!

My daughter Amy called me yesterday to ask a question. We chatted for a few minutes over the phone. I asked how the family was getting along.

This is their new dog "Diggy", who is very sweet and gentle. This new member of their family fits in very well with her two little boys.

Amy and Dano with Isaak (age 3) and Noah (age 1). The boys are already so in love with Diggy.

As Amy and I were chatting I could here Isaak in the background saying ""
Amy continued talking and said very politely "Just minute sweetheart."
Isaak again:"Mom.."
Amy:"Just a minute Isaak, mommy is talking to Grandma."
Isaak: "Mom!"
Amy: "Oh, Dano! Come here! What is that on the carpet? Did Diggy throw up or is that poop?
Amy: "Oh no, don't eat that! I gotta go mom!"
Oh, to be a young mother with children. Brings back so many memories.


Unknown said...

Ewwww! As my teenage daughter would say. Hope all turned out well.

Browndirtcottage said...

....*LOL*.....oh me...oh my...!!!

Micki said...

The pics are priceless and the doggy is so cute.
Loved the pics!