Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zion Retreat Day 1

We drove into beautiful Springdale Utah this afternoon. Right out our hotel window we have a spectacular view of one of the majestic mountains in Zion National Park. I can tell already I am going to relax, and enjoy working on some quilts with the wonderful ladies (and a few men) of our guild.
We met this evening as a group for a "Block Party". We were asked to make two blocks, one to donate and one to wear. The block was to represent something about ourselves. We were each given a number and then went in turn to the front of the room to introduce ourselves and explain our block.

Our blocks were pinned together on a display. These will eventually be incorporated into charity quilts.

Annie and Heather (of Superior Threads) did a comedy routine. They explained that they did the same block, but Annie was the positive, where Heather was the negative. *notice the body language*
I threatened Heather with blackmail with this unflattering photo. She had two choices. I could blow the picture up poster size and distribute it around St. George, or I could trade it back to her for thread....lots and lots of thread! (I love Superior Thread!) She just laughed. Rats.

OK- I'll be nice. Here is one of Heather smiling. You can tell these ladies love to work together and have a great friendship.

This guild member made a wonderful bright star. We suggested it matched her personality well.

This member loves horses and the red rock mountains near by.
Look at the cute fish block made with reverse applique by Jan K.

Linda brought her husband who is known as "Mr. Linda". He's been a good sport to help set up tables and chairs, and to haul things from here to there. Linda is a former school teacher, and once her husband retired he drove a school bus.

Someone loves shoes. I loved the details in her applique.

I loved seeing a sample of each person's interest.
Maggie told a great story as she shared her block. She said she had so many UFO's that she had to hide them from her husband. He had a lot of antique cars that sat on their property. She would often place her "stash" in the old cars. One day she came home and one of the cars had been sold. Whoops. Two years later a gentleman called their house and said "Do you need any of those pieces of fabric I found in that car?" Maggie's said it may take a few years but those UFO's always manage to make their way back to us!
Another guild member said she doesn't call them UFO's. She names hers NFO's (never finished object)!

Tomorrow we start classes. Our National teacher is Philomena Durcan of Celtic Quilts. What a treat to meet her tonight and to hear her lovely Irish voice. Our theme for this retreat is "Going Green".

We have several men in our guild. Stephan is in charge of Zion Retreat this year. Tonight he wore a hat to squash any complaints heading his way. "Don't Needle Me". Ooohhh... Mr. Cactus might be wanting one of those.

We were also privileged to have Stephan's wife Robin sing "Danny Boy" to us A Capella.


Ricci said...
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Ricci said...

What are you trying to do, make me jealous??? OK, I'm kidding. But, the retreat looks like great fun. Thanks for the pictures, I feel like I'm there. Heather and Annie make a great comedy relief team don't they? Have fun today!

Nanette Merrill said...

Cute! Fun! Love it.

Trisha said...

I scrolled down to read these in order. How fun that you get to do this retreat! I like the idea of the blocks and donating one and that they will all go into one big quilt. Can't wait to see what happens next!