Saturday, January 3, 2009

Superior Threads DVD

St. George is a great town to live in if you are a quilter. We have a wide variety of stores, a wonderful guild, and are also the headquarters for Superior Threads owned by Bob and Heather Purcell.
If you know anything about thread, you know Bob and Heather's company truly does merit the name "Superior". You may be familiar with the titles "Bottom Line", "King Tut", "Master Piece", or "Sew Fine". Big names like Alex Anderson, Libby Lehman, Caryl Bryer Fallert, John Flynn and Ricci Tims (just to list a few) carry their personal lines of thread through Superior.
Today I found out why.

Bob and Heather came to our guild meeting to make a DVD and asked us to be their audience. The Purcell's are thread experts and provide a wealth of information in educating quilters about one of the most important tools we use. I have sewn most of my life, and been quilting for the last 10 years. After Bob's presentation today, I can honestly say I now understand thread.

Bob speaks our language. In one hour he gave clear and concise solutions most quilters face in working with not only the wide variety of threads on the market, but also needles and machine tension.
I learned that most of the threads out there that say "Egyptian Cotton" are not from Egypt. Superior's label guarantees authentic Egyptian grown.
Why is that important? Bob can tell you.
Do you want to understand why you would want to select a thread that is "extra long staple" rather than "short staple"? What difference will that make in your quilt 25 or 50 years from now?
Many of your questions will be answered on the DVD that Superior will have available in the next few months. You can also learn from the information provided on their web site at

We loved being part of the taping.
Bob and Heather wound strings of thread up and down our rows so we could feel the products they talked about. I'm a visual learner so I loved being able to hold the thread up to the light to see the qualities being discussed.

The camera crew.

"If you have experienced frustrations when working with specialty and decorative threads" spend some time with Dr. Bob, Self-Certified Thread Therapist.

Learn what is Myth, Rumor or Truth. Besides that Bob tells funny stories. Find out why the Purcell's teenage son became so interested in using one of their specialty threads.

Thanks Bob and Heather for a wonderful morning, and for sharing your expertise with our guild.


Material Mary said...

Nedra, Thanks for the information on thread. It sure is hard to find good cotton thread to sew my quilts with. I have been using the thread from Connecting Threads and it has actually been better than the Coats and Clark, however, I am open to better products always. Thanks again.

Abby and Stephanie said...

I love the King Tut. It is amazing for machine quilting!