Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Church Quilt Day/ January

Once a month I get together with a few woman of my church for a sewing/ quilt day. We meet at our church building and bring what ever current project we are working on. I love it because it gives us time to visit and catch up on each others lives, and also get some work done on our quilts.
Today Patti was making a Yellow Brick Road quilt for her 30 year old son. Notice the fabric designs are sock monkeys and bananas. (his choice). How fun is that!
Barbara worked on 12 pink retro aprons for her grand daughters. Yes, 12! I guess Barbara is making sure that every grand daughter gets treated equally. I loved the jumbo ric rac that runs along the bottom of the aprons.
Doris loves to knit, so today she brought a sweater she has been working on for.....hmmm... how many months now? I'd better not tease her too much, because in between she has been knitting scarves as a donation for the Special Olympics. Doris is always thinking of others and service is part of her every day life.
Nancy C. brought a Kaffe quilt to work on and I'm so jealous! This is a pattern I have pegged to make and is on my stack of projects. Look at these beautiful fabrics.
Nancy had the best idea for a portable design wall. She purchased an inexpensive $5 flannel backed vinyl table cloth, and hung it up against the chalk board. She then put her blocks up, and asked our opinions on placement. It was so much easier to help her with the blocks at eye level rather than on the floor.
Nancy said she throws the table cloth under her kitchen table when the grand kids come to visit. It makes it so much easier to clean up the messes that get thrown on the floor.
I think I need to sit next to her more often and bring a note pad to write down her ideas.
The quilt Nancy is making is out of Kaffe Fassett's latest book "Country Garden Quilts".
The pattern is called "Yellow S block quilt".
I have all my fabrics collected to make this quilt. I have a few other projects in the line up to finish first and then I can pull out all my Kaffe fabrics and play and play and play.


Abby and Stephanie said...

Love seeing the projects in progress. The Kaffe quilt pattern is also on the cover of a magazine I bought a month or so ago. Love the colors.

Eileen said...

It really is fun anticipating a fun new project.. isn't it??

Lurline said...

Great inspiration, thanks! I have the mag Stephanie is speaking about - US mags are expensive here in Australia, so I am discerning about which ones I buy - love Kaffe's work!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Di~ said...

Fun Nedra. We are attempting to do something like that here, starting this month. We will see how it goes...it's called Needles and Nibbles. Your posts are always so great. Thank You.
Take Care.

amy smart said...

Wow. Your quilt is looking so good!

I need to go buy a flannel-backed table cloth!! Awesome idea. (actually maybe I need two - one to keep permanently under the kitchen table. I used to keep clear shower curtains under our dining table when we used to live in a condo to protect the carpet underneath.)

Sherri said...

Great projects! We do something very similar!

Debra Dixon said...

Karen over at Leehaven blog just put up a tablecloth design wall and the checks peek through which is nice for aligning your quilt blocks.

Dawn said...

Cute projects. We have a once a month quilt day at church too. Thanks for sharing!

Nanette Merrill said...

One of these days I'm going to make a Kaffe quilt. I so admire everyone's. This looks like fun. I wish our ward did quilting.

Elizabeth said...

How fun to get together to sew. It would be so fun to see everyone's projects!