Monday, January 5, 2009

I Love January

I love January. It's my favorite month to quilt. All the holiday fuss and to-do is over and packed away, and I can think about what I want to do. I call January the "Me" month. (And I don't have to feel a bit guilty). The kids are back in school, it's too cold to do yard work, and I can hibernate in my sewing room and finally get something done.
I love it.
A few months ago the Dixie Quilt Guild gave us this lovely (ugh!) fabric and challenged us to use this fat quarter in a quilt for our upcoming April show.
We all laughed because the real challenge is to think of something we can make with this fabric. The guild members (with me at the top of the list) have been moaning and groaning over the color.
Did I mention that I don't like pink?
Thus The Challenge!

This morning I finished "Cracker" from the Leisure Arts Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts.
I thought Cracker was an appropriate name because I was feeling pretty "Crackers" while making it.
Why did I accept the challenge? Because my dear friend Jan K. is chairman over this part of our show and I wanted to support her. Besides that, Ricci made me. (Just kidding Ricci!)

I think I did a pretty good job hiding the pink, don't you?

The requirements are that the fat quarter has to be obviously used on the front.
Keep looking, most of it is there.

One nice thing: I was able to use up some of my scraps, which accomplished another 2008 goal.
I'm really happy to be able to get this one off the design wall and on to the quilter.
I hereby solemnly swear that I will no longer whine about that lovely pink fat quarter.


Material Mary said...

The cracker quilt looks great and I like the pink in it. It gives it sparkle. Great job!!!

Browndirtcottage said...

I think you did a wonderful job working in pick-ish don't even notice it....good job on pattern selection...I still haven't finished this one of mine in the fall greens...
You had a 'wonderful' guild meeting too...great guests with the 'thread' info....!!

Trisha said...

You did a great job with the challenge! I love challenges like that where you get to see what everyone did with their piece of fabric. Fun!

Eileen said...

You did a fabulous job hiding it! Can't wait to see it when you get it back and bind it all finished. :-)
And yes.. January is usually my favorite month too. :-)