Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Team Hardy

A few short years ago Brian Hardy was an active man. As a husband and father of 5 children, life kept him pretty busy. Brian's main hobby has always been sports. His high school team won State Champs three years in a row. He went on to play ball for Brigham Young University. Next he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs. As his children grew, they too competed in their high schools, and Brian and his wife Janet became their biggest fans.
Then Brian noticed a numbing in his hands. The diagnosis: Lou Gehrig's Disease or ALS. The last few years have been especially challenging for their family. Through it all, we always see a smile on Brian's face. His wife Janet, as care taker is the Rock of Gibraltar.
Last night, Brian was honored to throw the first pitch at a St. George Roadrunner's baseball game. As a church family we wanted to support him by attending the game.

Brian waiting to go out on the field

A member of our congregation came up with the idea of us all wearing teeshirts with the name "Team Hardy" to show our support.

Brian's daughter and grand daughter even got in on the action. So fun to see babies and small children all wearing their tee's

It was pretty impressive to see the bleachers full of "Team Hardy" supporters. I didn't get a head count, but it felt like just about every family was there in support. Such a tribute to let the Hardy's know how much they are loved.

Heading out to the pitching diamond with son T.J.
T.J. was there to throw the ball in his dad's behalf.

After the pitch, being greeted by the Roadrunners
Janet watching her husband being honored.
Janet and Brian have known each other since they were 12 years old. A wonderful love story. She has always been his greatest support. She just had double knee replacement a few weeks ago and last night was her first time to venture out. Through her own challenges, she greeted each person in the stand. Janet and Brian were a little uncomfortable with all the attention. That's OK, it just shows their true nature of always thinking of others before themselves.
I go over to Hardy's house on a regular basis. Each time I find them smiling and finding gratitude for life. A great example of a family that faces hardship together, with faith in God. I feel so fortunate to have met the Hardy's. They have taught me so much.

I have completed the 12 inner blocks of the "Round About" quilt. Love that Kaffe fabric.


Amy Dayton said...

What an inspiring story, and amazing family. Thanks for sharing!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Touching story and a gorgeous quilt taking shape!

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh my ALS. I don't know if you knew I work at a Neurology Clinic. Those are the saddest cases. I watched my college roomate's dad die of ALS. Its very tough for the family to see the day to day changes. How wonderful your ward and community are so supportive of a man that lead such a physical life and now falters.

The quilt is lovely. The fabrics and colors are perfect.

Browndirtcottage said...

What a lovey story about a lovely family. Situations like this make my supposed heartaches seem minor. Thanks for sharing.

And I must add...your quilt is looking FAB. I love it!!!

Dionne said...

Awesome! I love inspiring stories about wonderful families and communities coming together to support each other! (and the quilt is GREAT too!)

Keep Quiltin'

Cathie in UT said...

Thanks for sharing the story of the Hardy family~!
Such a difficult disease and yet I can tell through your post that they are taking things as they come and trying to enjoy life in the now with family and friends.
God Bless them all!
on a happier note the quilt is moving along isn't it?
This will be a very happy quilt for sure after all the Kaffe fabric can hardly be anything else! LOL