Friday, August 29, 2008

Shakespearean Festival

I have just received my 2nd blog award! Wow. Who would have guessed? I've only been blogging for a few months now and this is all so new to me. Thank you to Ulla in Finland for honoring me so! I can hardly comprehend that people from Finland, Germany, Spain, and Brazil (to name a few) would even look my way. I sincerely feel we are all connected to each other in this world in which we live, and if my spirit has touched your spirit, then that makes me happy.

Since 1962 the little town of Cedar City, Utah has been hosting the Utah Shakespearean Festival on the campus of Southern Utah University (SUU). I had heard for years how wonderful the productions are. Having lived in Northern Utah, we just never seemed to make it down to Cedar. Now that we are living in Southern Utah we have been privileged to be exposed to the amazing arts that flourish right here in our communities.

Our good friends the Sears have been coming each season for many years. They have two daughter's attending SUU and visit often. One daughter plays basketball for SUU and they are so supportive in attending most of her games. When they come to Southern Utah they usually stay with us, and have invited us to join them for the plays, basketball games, golf, and what ever fun we can come up with.

Statues of Shakespeare are all around the campus

The Shakespearean Festival started in response to two things: Summer tourists wanting more to do when visiting the 6 National Parks nearby, and local actors wanting to produce good theatre. They have an indoor theatre, and an outdoor amphitheater, and offer a great selection of plays through out each season.

Last night we went to the production of "School of Wives".

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Now that sounds like a lot of fun to participate in.