Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back To School

Even though it will be at least 100 degrees outside today, summer has officially comes to an end in St. George. As I type, our children are heading back to school.
As I was kissing my son good bye this morning (and taking his picture) he asked me how many times I've have been through this process. He's heading into his Junior year of High School, but with 5 children I've been doing the "Back To School" first morning for 25 years straight.
I've read other blogs from young mothers who are so excited to have "their own time" back. Do those of us who have done this for a while still get just as excited? You bet. Although I know it's a bitter sweet experience for all. Yes, it means all the summer fun is over, and it's now time to have a schedule. Work. Work. I noticed my son actually made his bed before he left this morning. I'm still in shock. And I don't expect that will happen each morning. In fact I'm grateful for just today! Funny how mothers can be easily pleased.
I read some fun blogs I'd like to share with you. When I was in Long Beach at the International Quilt Convention, Pat Holland did a demo on a technique she teaches called "drapplique". She draws and colors her applique. You can watch a pod demo on her site. (See my sidebar). Pam is from Australia, and I love listening to her voice. So soothing.
Another site I love is called "Everyday Food Storage". Chystal was chosen to be a featured guest on a local News station making Twinkie Surprise Cupcakes. I won't tell you what the surprise is. You can watch a pod of the cook off on her site also. (see my sidebar). She gets a vote for every hit, so lets support her. She's a young mom who is a great inspiration in the cooking world. She tries to make things healthy and yet delicious.


Nanette Merrill said...

Yeah School starts here on Monday. My 13 year old is kind of excited to be back. He's more picky about his clothes than his sisters! Its kind of bitter sweet to see them go back.

Thanks for the info, too.

Browndirtcottage said...

"sniff-sniff".....I just wish I still had some of those small people to be sending off!

Pam Fenlon said...

I can relate to the children of the world because I work at a school and have to go back with them! I wish I could stay at home and quilt and scrapbook! Like Nedra my last one is heading out for his last year in high school and trying to get his associates degree with it. I think mom's should get some kind of award for helping figure out the schedules and all that stuff! Wish I was still at the beach too Nedra, we had a great beach bum life there!!! Looking forward to next year.

Elizabeth said...

I had no idea about Chrystal. She lives across the street from me and her blog is traveling fast!