Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kaffe Fassett Fabrics

I have been collecting Kaffe Fassett fabrics for several years. He is the type of fabric designer I have discovered people either love or hate. I am in the love catagory. His colors, combined with an International perspective just call to me.
I even had the opportunity of meeting Kaffe at Quilt Market when he was in Salt Lake City, May 2007. Viewing his booth and seeing his quilts in person made me an even bigger fan. Kind of like everything else in life, pictures in books just don't capture true colors.
Yesterday I was at Ricci's house and she decided to start a new quilt for a class she wants to teach. She pulled out the latest edition of "American Patchwork and Quilting" magazine, and then an entire basket full of Kaffe fabrics. I knew I was in trouble.

Using Kaffe's fabrics she started making this pattern called "Round About"

Soon her design wall was full of beautiful colors, scrappy and yet they all played well together.

Her first finished block

I have stacks of quilts waiting to be made and this pattern was not in the line up! I came home and pulled out my Kaffe fabrics and decided the other quilts will just have to wait. I have to copy Ricci and make the same one she is. (She said it was o.k.)
Have you ever had that happen? You see someone else's inspiration, and you have to make the same quilt?

This is the focus fabric for the outside border

I have a different collection than Ricci, so my insides will be a little different.

This is Kaffe's "Gilded Snowballs Quilt" out of his book "Quilts in the Sun". I finished this one a few months ago and it hangs in our master bedroom. The rustic colors match the St. George red rocks.

Last fall Ricci and I got together to make these coats out of Kaffe fabrics. My husband saw these and said "Hello 1960!". He quickly tried to recover and added "I mean, oh... those are lovely." Yeah, they are pretty out there, but we had fun. Not sure where I'll wear mine to, other than a quilt gathering. I have a feeling only quilters would appreciate our handiwork!

The strips of fabric were sewn on raw edge.

There are other Kaffe quilts that will be made someday. My stash seems to be growing!


Joanna said...

I must say, I am a Kaffe lover, not a Kaffe fighter :) Love love LOVE his stuff, and the quilts you two are making are sooooo gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see them done!

Ricci said...

I just wanted to let you know, I'm the one on the left in the jacket. You'll have to figure out which one is Nedra.

Di~ said...

I love both jackets!
I'm so undecided about Kaffes. At times I do and at times I don't, it's wierd!

Cathie in UT said...

OH yeah you are right you either Love or hate (maybe that is too strong of a word but at least dislike maybe?) Kaffe...I am a
Disliker! LOL
Not my style at all but your quilt is lovely for your home and I have to admit I like the jackets too
Enjoy your new project and I have never copied a quilt exactly yet but maybe one day I will.