Friday, July 11, 2014

Amazing Quilt Shop in Lakeside, Arizona

 One of the fun parts of summer travel
is to visit quilt shops along the way.
 Over the 4th of July Weekend
while we were visiting 
we stopped in at
2964 W. White Mountain Blvd, Lakeside, AZ
 Lakeside is a resort community up in the White Mountains
surrounded by trees and with  much cooler summer temperatures.
 I mentioned to Mr. Cactus that I would be very happy to live here for the summer.
A very nice community.
I was especially impressed when I saw they had a really nice quilt store:)
Seriously, who needs anything else?
The minute I walked in and saw a big display
of Color Me Happy fabrics by Vanessa Christensen
I knew I was going to like Amazing Quilts.
 Big smile on my face when I saw 
rows of Kaffes
(*love those Kaffes!)
 Aisles of Batiks
 A great solid selection

 Their Fabric Addict doll oversees the cash register.
As I was checking out, I was encouraged to make sure
to see the bathroom before I left.
(smirk smirk )
I thought that quite an odd request.
 Then I had an aha moment.
Who but Amazing Quilts
would decorate their ladies room
like a Boudoir?
We are in the Wild Wild West after all.
 Denise and I made sure to give our husbands 
"the tour"
Mr. Cactus'  only reaction was
"I don't think that restroom is for me." (ha ha)
If you are traveling through 
the Central Eastern part of our state
Amazing Quilts 
is definitely worth the stop.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

That is one of the fun parts of traveling - stopping and seeing the quilt shops along the way. Sometimes I am amazed to see small town quilt shops that are thriving when my little town of 25,000 can't seem to keep one in business - I always wonder why that is when I know there are a lot of quilters in the area and we have a lot of people come to our area for the lake part of the year.