Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Few More from Quilters of The White Mountain

 People normally think of 
July in the Phoenix Metro as just hot, hot, hot.
It is that.
But, it's also Monsoon season.
July is the wettest month of our year, where we often receive daily storms
filled with high winds, dust and rain.
It's still very hot, but our normally arid climate 
becomes quite humid.
It takes some getting used to.
The lucky ones leave town, 
usually seeking higher elevations. 
Within a few hours drive,
many families own cabins or 2nd homes in the Show Low/ Lakeside area.
At 6,300 feet,
this resort town sits in the White Mountain range
and is quite pleasant during the summer. 
Here are a few more of my
favorite quilts from the
Quilters of the White Mountain Show
 Notorious Too
by Joyce Buchberger
Quilted by Diane Pitchford
 A great scrappy Americana quilt
perfect for July
 I really like 
the secondary pattern 
that forms in the center of each block.
 The Convention Center had big issues with their lighting
and most of these quilts hung in very dark booths.
The flash on my camera helped a little with the up close shots
but these far away pictures really do not give justice to these quilts.
 Steps To The Alter
by Barbara Behrens
 I'm really drawn to scrappy quilts
that help us use up what we have.
 Scraps Too Small To Use
by Joyce Buchberger
 Pineapple blocks
with low volume backgrounds
 It's hard to tell from the full length picture
(sorry, bad lighting again :(
but this up close shot shows how
Joyce used white background blocks in the middle of the quilt
and then moved with neutral/tans around the outer edges.
She really gave me some ideas of how to use up 
both types of scraps in my stash.
Beach Cabanas
by Sally Carruth
Love those Kaffes!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love those pineapple blocks and wish I had the patience for the paper piecing - tried it once and only got about 24 blocks or so made before I put them into a wall hanging and I had intended it to be a queen size! Sounds like my kind of place in Arizona being in the high elevation area. I had an aunt that lived in the Phoenix area for about 50 years - I guess she loved it - she never left except for a short trip to WI for her mother's funeral.