Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What the Ladies Are Working On

After bragging about our fabulous winters here in Arizona
we are slowly approaching the time
for a comeuppance.
This week the temps are already unseasonably warm
and in the 90's and frankly
I'm not ready :(
It will soon drop back to the 80's
but this week feels like a little jab
to remind me the heat is on the way.
As a soother, I love attending
Open Sew Day at 3 Dudes
and seeing what the 
other ladies are working on.
just moved here a few weeks ago from the Northwest
and is a new quilter.
She had scraps of Hawaiian fabrics and wanted to make a few pillow toppers.
 Vickie was making rows
of itty bitty 9 Patches
 A scrappy quilt
from a class taught by Pat Graco
 Betty continues working on
Nine By Five
I really really want to make this quilt!
Do you see a theme here?
A little sneak peak from Denise
(*Happy Birthday today!)
who is making a valance for her guest bedroom.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the quilts you show! sorry it will soon get beastly hot for you - I just want some nice warm weather with low humidity! here is keeps going back and forth still from 70 one day to 50 or so the next - usually by now it is almost always around 70 for a high - it will turn almost overnight I'm sure and then we will complain about the humidity and the bugs! I do love sitting out on the porch and enjoying the day but by afternoon in summer it will be too hot and I will be in the house quilting with the AC on

Sara said...

We should see 80 today but it will be back into the 40s on Sunday, which is typical spring weather in SD.

A friend visited 3 Dudes shop last month while vacationing in your area. Thanks for sharing all the fun projects people are working on.

em's scrapbag said...

Love the scrappiness of all these quilts. Your Sunshine On A Cloudy Day looks great!