Tuesday, April 15, 2014

48 Turns 100 Quilt and More

 A few more pictures of my favorite quilts 
from the
Art of Quilting Show
at the Gilbert Historical Museum
 48 Turns 100
by Susie Seckel
machine pieced
hand appliqued
hand quilted
 Susie's quilt was made in honor
of the Centennial Celebration for the State of Arizona
 The words of the 
Pledge of Allegiance
The lyrics of the song "Arizona"
the Arizona State Motto are all 
hand quilted into the sashing.
 Carpentry Star Variation
Shown by Doris Farnsworth:
"I copied this quilt from an old quilt top
that my mother found in the attic
of a home in Illinois.
The old quilt top must have been
80-100 years old."
 Rainbow Chin Cactus
by Cathy Hawthorn

The Pumpkin Patch
by Sigrid Strand
This was Sigrid's first experience 
with wool applique and wool dying
As an experiment, she used Kool Aid to dye the wool.

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