Saturday, July 6, 2013

Maybe So Maybe Not

It has been almost three weeks now
that we have struggled with very weak or non existent
Internet and cell phone connections.
To put it mildly, it's been quite the challenge.
We are on our 2nd company that
promised to install a new system
but either lost our order
or said they cannot get a clear signal.
After spending HOURS watching the little 
circle icon spin and spin and spin
just to download a simple e-mail 
I've done my best to hold myself back
from screaming or
 running up and down the neighborhood
flailing my arms.
Certainly we have been most 
in finding reliable service.
And then I found comfort in this little story,
and experienced a
shift in perspective.
I wish to look at life and the day to day challenges
 more like this wise man.
"Many years ago, a wise man lived in an old mountain village.  One day a beautiful wild stallion ran into his corral.  When the villagers heard the news they came to his farm and marveled, "What a wonderful thing!  You are so lucky!"  The wise man replied, "Maybe so, maybe not."
A few days later, the stallion broke the corral fence and ran away.  When the villagers heard the news they came to his farms and said, "What a terrible thing! What bad luck!"  The wise man replied,
"Maybe so, maybe not."
The next day the stallion returned, bringing a whole herd of mares.  When the villagers heard the news they came and exclaimed, "Now you are the richest man in the village, and surely the luckiest."
The wise man replied, "Maybe so, maybe not."
The wise man's son tried to break one of the mares, but was thrown off and broke his leg.  When the villagers heard the news they came and sympathized, "What a tragedy!  Who will help you now with the harvest?  This is such an unlucky thing to happen!"
The wise man replied, "Maybe so, maybe not."
The next day the Cossacks came to take all the young men of the village to fight in their wars.  They did not take the wise man's son because he had a broken leg."


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

our daughter in North Little Rock had internet problems several months ago that took almost a month to fix - they were so mad - hope yours gets taken care of soon. it can be frustrating.

Peggi said...

I love that story! And it made me think - how many hours have I wasted on the internet, playing games or surfing Pinterest or posting meaningless comments in forums? Losing internet a bad thing? Maybe so, maybe not.

Gina E. said...

I've read that story before, and yes, it does tend to put things into perspective, but it is still infuriating to suddenly lose something that we have all come to rely on so much in our 21st century life style. When we've lost ours for some reason, I fly into a panic because I do all our banking online, and so I have to ask friends if I can come over and pay my bills!
Peggi is so right, we do waste a lot of time on the internet, but when it's not there, we can rediscover our 'other' life.

Ann @thequiltingcats said...

Wonderful story! I must print it out and hang it in the hall for all us to remember! Thank you for sharing. On another note I was recently in Arizona for a whirlwind weekend. I did make it over to the Quilter's Oasis, but not to your bookstore or your son's restaurant. :(