Sunday, July 21, 2013

Are You A No Reply Blogger?

I appreciate questions and comments
 left on my blog.
Many times you would like more clarity
on a quilt pattern, or just drop in to say hello.
When you leave a comment, it goes 
directly to my e-mail, and I go through them daily
and respond to each and every one. 
This morning I received a question from Carla 
asking me about my new 
Christmas Pyramids quilt pattern
"What colors of kona solids did you use? Adorable quilt. Just pulled fabrics from my stash for it. Just need green solids! thanks for the inspiration! Carla "

 I am quite happy to respond to Carla's question, but
she came up as a 
No-Reply Blogger
which means I do not have her e-mail address to reply.
How do you know if you are a No-Reply Blogger?
Basically, it means you did not
leave your personal e-mail when you set up your own
Blogger profile.
Sometimes people do not want the public to know their 
personal information, which is OK.
If you feel that way, it's still fine to leave a comment.
But, if you have a question that needs a response,
then it's best to e-mail me directly at
Maybe you are not aware if you are a No-Reply Blogger?
My friend Jodi (Pleasant Home)
has written easily understood step by step Tutorial
on how to go in and add your e-mail to your profile


Melissa said...

Thanks, Nedra. I had no idea I was a "no reply" blogger until you let me know. Good thing you had my personal email. Fixed it!

Rhonda said...

Hi Nedra. About the no reply thingy. There are some OpenID and Yahoo things that will not allow the person to show up in our emails. I've had this problem so as you have stated, it they will contact you via email is the best way for them.
I don't know why these types of things aren't more compatible....sigh!!

Jenny said...

It's so beautiful! Congratulations!