Saturday, July 27, 2013

Are You The First Born In Your Family?

 As I mentioned in previous posts,
Sharon Schamber's lecture was as interesting to me
as her most AMAZING quilts.
 At the beginning of her presentation, Sharon shared with us a personal observation 
she has made about women who become quilters.
She noted that the majority of women who quilt 
are usually the oldest child in their family.
 At first, I didn't put a lot of stock in her comment.
 Then she asked 
with a show of hands
how many in the room were 
the first born?
 There were about 60 women 
gathered in the room
for our Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild Meeting.
 As I looked around
I would guess that at least 50 
of those 60 women
raised their hands!
I was quite surprised to see so many raise their hands.
Sharon on the other hand, just nodded her head
expecting such a response.
 She said
"Women who are drawn to quilting 
are often 
Alpha Women,
who are Intelligent
"Take Charge" kind of women.
 In the study of personality traits of Birth Order
First Borns are usually the Alpha.
 First borns are the leaders,
who tend to be reliable,
conscientious, and 
 Christy, who is a member of our guild
is Sharon's oldest child.
 Sharon teased "Sometimes the Alpha female 
can be considered somewhat bossy" :)
 But, they play an essential and 
very needed role 
in keeping things 
organized and
moving forward.
Without our Alphas
we would probably still be sitting in a cave.
 So, I ask you:
Are You the First Born in Your Family?
 I'm taking my own personal poll
and am curious to see your response.
I am the exception to this quilting norm.
 I am the youngest in my family
and am quite content
being the Beta in the group
who would rather follow.
 But, I have sat on several 
Quilt Guild boards.
 And from my personal experience
I can tell you that the board rooms
are full of Alpha women!
Very interesting discussions indeed!
My thanks to Christy for inviting her mother
to come and share her beautiful quilts with us.
I learned so much!
And thank you Sharon 
for your very interesting insights.


Cardygirl said...

I am the youngest, but probably very much the Alpha...go figure?

LYNN said...

I'm the oldest and only girl, i have two younger brothers, thanks for sharing!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am the 3rd oldest of 12 and the only quilter in the family - that said two older than me are girls also but are not leaders of the family so to speak- the take charge person in our family is the youngest of the 12 children but at family get togethers for some reason family members come me for the decisions! "what do you think" "can you reason with Lisa" I am the family peacemaker it seems - I do not like stress and I want everyone to work together :)

Kimme said...

Yes I'm the oldest of three girls and the only quilter. Don't know about the alpha bit though, I think my youngest sister has dibs on that!

Tamara Hampton said...

I am the third born of 4. My oldest sister quilts as well. I am definately an alpha type though. She probably is too, but she was married and out of the house before I was in high school.

Rhonda said...

I am the oldest and first born. My grandma, and several great-aunts were quilters. I always thought I caught the bug from them.

Laura said...

I'm the oldest of 8 and the only quilter. But I think it has more to do with the fact that I'm the only mom in my family who has stayed home full time since my children were born. They are young men now, so I have more free time than my 4 sisters, all of whom have kids in elementary school.

I don't know if I believe all that birth order stuff. When I was going to college, the administration told us that more first borns went to college simply because there were more first borns. Everyone who has children has a first born, so there are more first borns around. No one ever does a study on the fifth or seventh born child.

Carol said...

No, I'm 2nd but only girl with 3 male siblings. Interesting subject.

Anonymous said...

I am the oldest of seven - 3 girls and 4 boys. I am the only quilter. Jackie N.

Sherri said...

I am the oldest, and my grandmother is the oldest too!

Dolores said...

I am the second born. No one I knew quilted but my mom and I always sewed.

Marci said...

Yep! I'm the first born of 7 children. Both Grandmother's were avid seamstresses, but my Mom HATED sewing. Other than a bit of home decorating by one sister, I'm the only 1 that sews!

imquilternity said...

Yes, I'm the oldest of three girls and the only one who quilts. The siblings love receiving quilts, but don't enjoy making them. :)

Rosa said...

Yes,I`m the oldest of five girl and the second of nine.

Sara said...

I am an only child so definitely am the alpha. I'm also the oldest grandchild. But grandma and 3 of her 4 daughters were all sewers, quilters, knitters - all loved fiber arts. And 3 of us granddaughters have followed in their footsteps.

Drew said...

I am the oldest of five! Sure wish my oldest daughter would quilt with me. That role has been taken over by my youngest!

Anonymous said...

My mother, an amazing quilter, was the second of five. But because her older brother died in infancy, she was raised as the eldest. I am also a first born and can't deny my Alpha personality. But then, most Cajun women are take-charge types. Just ask the manager of the gym I'm currently butting heads with!

Cindy in NC

n Carter said...

I am #5 of 5 girls (and one younger brother, but he doesn't count for this discussion.) My oldest sister quilts, and sister #4 quilts, and both have been quilters for decades. I resisted the bug until 3 years ago, when I took it up with a vengeance. Sister #1 is definitely and Alpha, as is sister #4. Me, I think I just enjoy the creative outlet.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

Very interesting, maybe that's why all of my sisters do not get along well, we all might be Alpha's. However I am the only quilter.

Mary Ellen said...

I, too, am the oldest of seven - 3 girls, 4 boys and the only quilter.

Mary said...

I am the first born and a quilter. I don't think of myself as a leader, but definately a perfectionist, I am passionate about my quilting. I heard Sharon several years ago, and found her interesting.

Melanie said...

I am the oldest and the only person who sews in my entire family!

Janet said...

I'm going to do my own poll in my quilting group now that has me curious. I'm the second born and second girl in my family. Thanks for the amazing quilt photos.

Material Mary said...

I am number 4 of 8 children....don't. Know if I am Alpha but love fabric and sewing..Mary

fiberchick said...

I am the oldest! What a fascinating observation...

Ann @thequiltingcats said...

I'm the oldest of 2. We are both girls. My grandmother, currently 95, sewed and quilted. She was the youngest girl and second youngest of 8. My mom sews too. She is the youngest of 4 girls and 3rd out of 4.
Interesting topic. thanks for sharing!

QuilterPattiO said...

Just came upon your blog and found this so fascinating. I am the oldest and didn't even start to quilt until into my 40s. However, I have been bossy all my life! Haha. PattiO

dream quilt create said...

I'm the oldest in my family, I have three younger brothers :)

life in red shoes said...

I am the oldest of 4 and all those things are true!!!!
For better or worse ;)

Jan H. said...

Yep--I'm the oldest of 4 and the only quilter. Although my siblings are all artistic in other ways. And my next to me sister is the bossy one-not me. Interesting to note though, my oldest of 6 is the only quilter. But the other 5 are all very creative.

JulieAnn said...

I am the eldest and only crafty person. I am the peacemaker of the 5.
You certainly don't argue with our Alpha. (2nd last child, last girl).

Lynette said...

Yep, I'm the oldest, alright. And of my three daughters, the only one to catch the quilting bug is the busiest - and my oldest!

oldjove said...

I am the youngest so I go against the grain. I'm a beta but I can switch to alpha when needed because, I think, I come from a family of women. Yet, out of 3 girls, I'm the only one who sews, let alone, quilt. Strange,yes? :)

Lorraine said...

I am the third born of four eldest sister has the alpha bit covered though!