Thursday, June 27, 2013

From Scratch Fabric Treats

 I have learned that you should 
never attend a quilt show
when you are hungry.
 That was especially true during the
Prescott Loves Quilting Show.
From Scratch
by Cheryl Bouquet
was a deliciously compiled display
of fabric pastries that
looked good enough to eat.
 Cheryl wrote:
"What do you do when cutting back on sweets?
Indulge in fabric, buttons and ribbon
to create non-edible sweets."
 "Would you like a mini vanilla bean layered cake 
with strawberry butter cream frosting?
Or how about a Whoopie Pie?
O calories!"
I realize Cheryl's intent was to prevent us from
adding on extra pounds, but after viewing her
scrumptious delicacies
I experienced somewhat the opposite effect.
After moving on to look at other quilt displays
this little voice in the back of my head
kept asking
I wonder if Prescott has
 a good pastry shop nearby?

1 comment:

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow, they look so real. That is an art form. I like you would look for some to eat!